Issue opening the lobby in Windows (empty, black, red or white page)

If you're seeing an empty, black, red, or white page in the lobby, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Restart your computer/device and power off/on any network equipment you have connected (i.e. modem, router, access points).
  • Limit the number of applications and web pages that you have open. Especially if these are streaming music/videos or downloading large or multiple files. Or, temporarily disable other apps/programs that are running.
  • Ensure that you are not using a proxy server or VPN when using our software.
  • If you are getting a red page error try clearing the cache from our software.
  • Check that your security software is not blocking the components of our program:

Open the security software's control panel. Next, select the 'Programs' tab (or otherwise locate the program list). There may be many items in the program list:

  • PokerStars.exe
  • PokerStarsUpdate.exe
  • PokerStarsCommunicate.exe
  • PokerstarsBr.exe
  • PokerStarsComp.exe (.NET only)
  • Tracer.exe
  • xc.exe
  • xcw.exe
  • xcwxp.exe

Add all the relevant program components mentioned. Changing 'Block All' to 'Permit All' should be enough to resolve this issue. If you don't have that option, change to the least restrictive permission.

For further help, we recommend contacting your security software provider.


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