Winning tournament bounties

In Knockout tournaments, the bounty is awarded to the player who wins the relevant pot for the hand in question. This could be the main pot or one of several side pots.

Relevant pot means the pot in which the bounty player was all-in for their final chips.

For example:

Daniel (100 chips), Barry (200 chips), Vicky (400 chips), and Liv (1,000 chips), are playing a hand in a No Limit tournament.

  1. Daniel moves all-in.
  2. Barry, Vicky and Liv call.
  3. The pot which Daniel is eligible for is known as the main pot.
  4. Betting continues on the side, in side pot 1.
  5. Barry moves all-in, and Vicky and Liv call.
  6. Betting continues between Vicky and Liv in side pot 2.
  7. Vicky moves all-in, and Liv calls.
  8. Barry shows the best hand, so he wins side pot 1 and the main pot, eliminating Daniel.
  9. Barry receives the bounty for Daniel.
  10. Liv shows the next best hand and wins side pot 2, eliminating Vicky.
  11. Liv wins the bounty for Vicky.

Although Barry had the best hand overall, he did not have as many chips as Vicky. Therefore, he could not eliminate her. Liv, however, did have enough chips and therefore, wins Vicky's bounty.

Check out our Tournament Rules for more information on bounties, including different scenarios involving multiple players.


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