Fifty50 tournaments

Fifty50 tournaments are events with a 50/50 payout structure. Half the players win prize money, so they end when half the players have been eliminated.

Regarding the distribution, winners will first equally share half of the prize pool, essentially getting their original buy-in back.

The remaining 50% of the prize pool will also be split among the winners, but this distribution will be based on their chip count at the end of the tournament. The more chips you have accumulated, the more money you will win.

Let's say you participate in a 10-player Fifty50 Sit & Go with a buy-in of 10, resulting in a total prize pool of 100. You finish in the top 5 with 7,500 chips (50% of the chips in play). You receive 35. Here is the formula:

  • First, all top 5 players receive an equal share of half of the prize pool (in this case, each player receives 10).
  • There are now 50 left, which are to be distributed based on everyone's chip count. Since you have 50% of the chips in play, you will also receive 50% of the remaining prize money - which is 25.
  • If you only had 10% of the chips, you would just receive an extra 5 - making your total winnings 15.

To find these tournaments, from the main lobby:

  1. Open the Sit & Go tab.
  2. Select Fifty50, in the Variant filter.


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