Report a player for unfair play: collusion/chip dumping

Game manipulation is unacceptable, and we'll take appropriate action against accounts engaging in such activity.

Collusion and chip dumping

Collusion is where two or more players work together in games or share knowledge to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Chip dumping is when one player intentionally loses chips to another player at the table.

Collusion and chip dumping are not allowed at our tables.

Staking, swapping, profit-sharing, bankroll sharing
Players taking part in staking, swaps, profit-sharing, or any bankroll sharing agreement with another player cannot play at the same cash game table or in the same Sit & Go tournament (with a maximum of 48 players).

If players participate in such an agreement, we need them to contact us to implement a restriction to prevent them from inadvertently playing in these games together.

We use collusion detection software to monitor and take action against unfair play. However, if you suspect unfair play, send us the following information to report it:

  • The usernames of the players involved
  • Copies of suspicious hand histories (or at least hand IDs)
  • Copies of suspicious chat
  • Table/Tournament IDs

You can contact us via our desktop software, mobile app, or website, and we will examine the situation.


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