Hand history not saving (Windows)

If your hand histories aren't saving to your computer's hard drive, try the following:

Step 1: Checking the save setting is active

From the lobby, go to:

  • Settings → Playing History → Hand History

Activating the 'Save My Hand History' option should resolve the issue if it isn't already enabled.

If saving was already active, or the issue remains after selecting the option, go to the next step.

Step 2: Checking why hand history still doesn't save

There are a few possible reasons for this occurring:

Change folder destination

The folder where you are trying to save the files is write-protected. For example, the 'Program Files' folder is usually write-protected.

To fix this, go back to the 'Hand History' settings and set the folder to 'Documents' or a similar folder outside of the 'Program Files' folder.

Damaged configuration file

To fix this, rename the settings file. Renaming will force our software to create a new (uncorrupted) settings file.

You'll lose the old settings you configured, but any future changes will save to the new file.

First, go to:

  • Help → Open My Settings Folder

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Close our software but keep the settings folder open.
  2. Within that folder, locate the file named user (or user.ini).
  3. Right-click on it and select 'Rename'.
  4. Rename the file 'user.old' and press 'Enter' to confirm the change.

When you reopen the software, set the software to save your hand history (Step 1).

A third-party tool is conflicting with our software

Try running our software without any third-party program.

If your hands save, the problem relates to the third-party application, contact their support team for help.

More information

We archive all real money hand histories. You can request yours by following these steps:

Tools → History & Stats → Get Hand History


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