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Home Games FAQs and Poker Club Information

Creating your own private Poker Club for playing home games online with your friends is easy. Setting up your club only takes a few minutes. Any questions you might have should be covered below. If your question is not answered here, contact

What is Home Games

Q.What is PokerStars Home Games?


PokerStars Home Games lets you create your own private poker club for playing online games with just your friends, using the free PokerStars poker software.

Setting up or joining an Online Poker Club

Q.What is an online Poker Club?


If you don’t have it already, download the free PokerStars software. In the main game lobby, click on the ‘Home Games’ tab to open the Home Games lobby. Next, click on the green ‘Create a Poker Club’ button. Pick a Club Name and Club invitation code, agree to the terms and click ‘Apply’. That’s it! You’ve created your very own private online poker club. You’ll be sent a Welcome email with more information.

Q.How do I choose a name for my online Poker Club?


Your club name must be unique and should contain between 8 and 30 characters, including spaces. Acceptable characters are letters, numbers, apostrophes and single spaces between words. The Club Name is case sensitive, so type it exactly as you want it to appear in your Club Lobby.

Your club name may contain the words “Poker Club”, as in “John Smith’s Poker Club”, but that’s not necessary. Something like “The Ramblin’ Rounders” is perfectly acceptable. You can incorporate your own PokerStars UserID in your club name, but not anyone else’s. Your club name should not be offensive, and should not incorporate a URL or infringe on anyone’s rights (see Terms & Conditions Clause 3.5 for more details).

Your club name will be reviewed by PokerStars for compliance with the Terms & Conditions and won’t be displayed to other players until approved. Once approved, the name cannot be changed. You will receive an email from PokerStars Support with the review decision within 5 days.

When you create your club, we will assign it a Club ID which will be displayed in your "My Poker Clubs" list while the name is under review. Invited friends will need this Club ID and your Club invitation code to join your club. The Club Name is never used to join the club.

Q.Why can’t I see my Poker Club name in the lobby?


Club names are subject to review and approval by PokerStars. It can take up to five days for your Club name to be approved. We thank you for your patience.

Q.How do I choose an invitation code for my online Poker Club?


Club invitation codes must be between 8 and 16 characters, are case-sensitive and may contain numbers and letters, but no spaces or other characters. In addition, Club invitation codes:

  • must not contain your UserID
  • must start with a letter (A-Z, a-z)
  • must contain at least one number (0-9)
  • must not start with the letters ‘tmp’.

Q.How do I invite my friends to join my online poker club?


After you set up your Poker Club, you will receive a Club ID number and other details, including the Club invitation code you created. To invite friends to join your club, just give them the Club ID number with the Club invitation code and send them to the PokerStars website to get the free software. Tell your friends to download the software, register a player account, then click the Home Games tab in the main lobby and look for the green ‘Join a Poker Club’ button.

Q.How many members can a poker club have?


Your Poker Club can have up to 100 members. If your club needs to grow beyond that, please contact to ask to have the limit increased.

Q.How do I join an online Poker Club?


You have to be invited by a Club Manager or existing member of a club, who will send you the Club ID and Club invitation code. If you don’t have it already, download the free PokerStars software. In the main game lobby, click on the ‘Home Games’ tab to open the Home Games lobby. Next, click on the green ‘Join a Poker Club’ button. Enter the Club ID and Club invitation code. Also be sure to put your name and perhaps a comment (e.g. “Bob J – Michael’s roommate”) in the ‘Your Name’ field. That’s the only way the Club Manager can identify you. Check the box indicating that you agree to the terms, and click ‘Apply’. When the Club Manager accepts your application, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the club.

Q.How many Poker Clubs can I create/join?


You can create up to two Clubs and join up to 10 Clubs.

Q.How can I check how many Clubs I belong to?


You can see the Poker Clubs that you are a member of by selecting the ‘Home Games’ tab in the PokerStars lobby, and then viewing the ‘My Poker Clubs’ listings.

Q.What is the difference between Club Managers and Club Administrators?


Both Club Managers and Club Administrators can schedule tournaments and create ring game tables, but only the Club Manager can accept new members, manage existing members, change the club invitation code for invitations to join, and perform other club management duties.

Q.How do I add an administrator for my Poker Club?


You can give administrator privileges to current Members of your Home Games Poker Club. To grant administrative privileges to a Member, open your Club Lobby and select the ‘Manage Club’ tab. In the Club Members listings box, check the box next to the Member you wish to grant Administrator privileges, then click the ‘Grant Admin’ button.

Points and Leaderboards

Q.Can I earn VPPs and FPPs in Home Games?


Yes. VIP Player Points (VPPs) and Frequent Player Points (FPPs) are awarded to players who play in PokerStars real money Home Games. VPPs and FPPs are earned at the same rate as playing in any real money PokerStars ring game or tournament.

Q.Do Home Games tournaments count towards TLBs?


PokerStars Home Games tournaments are private events, so they are not eligible for Tournament LeaderBoard Points (TLBs). Each Home Games Poker Club has its own tournament leaderboard, as well as individual statistics and results for each Member.

Q.Do results from all Club Tournaments count toward Club Standings?


No. For tournament results to count toward Club Standings, the tournament must have four or more players, and the Club Manager/ Administrator must select the checkbox for counting the results in Standings when the tournament is set up.

Q.How are points awarded for Club Standings?


The total points awarded for a qualified tournament are exactly equal to the number of players in the tournament. So a 20-player tournament awards 20 points and a 50-player tournament awards 50 points. The points awarded are spread across the top third of participants, with a higher proportion going to higher placements in the finish order. (Rounding may occur to ensure that total points equal total players and top third of players is a whole number.)

Showcase Clubs

Q.When I click on the Home Games tab in the main lobby, I see some clubs (in green text) that I don’t belong to. What are these clubs?


These are “Showcase” clubs. They are Home Games clubs that highlight what PokerStars Home Games is all about. You can observe their tournaments and ring games and see their tournament results.

We rotate the showcase clubs around occasionally so you can get an idea of the variety of clubs that are in Home Games.

Q.Can I join one of the showcase clubs?


We don’t intend for the general PokerStars public to join the showcase clubs. They are there to show how cool the Home Games clubs are; we hope that will motivate you to create or join a Home Games club.

Of course, if you know any member of a showcase club, you can ask him for the invitation code to that club.

Q.Can the people in the showcase clubs see me or my clubs?


No. The people in the showcase clubs can’t see your club, its members, or its activities (unless your club is a showcase club too).

Q.I don’t want to see showcase clubs; can I remove them from the lobby?


No. The showcase clubs are intended to highlight and demonstrate the exciting features of Home Games. There’s no option to remove them from your Home Games lobby.

Q.I think my Home Games club is just as cool as the ones you have showcased. How do I apply for showcase club status for my club?


If you think your club has the excitement and activity we’re looking for in a showcase club, just drop us a note at We’ll be happy to review your club and consider it for showcase status.


Q.Can I play with friends from the same location in Home Games?


Yes. The members of a Poker Club can sit at the same table, even if they are on the same IP address or at the same location. This allows Club Members to get together at the same place to play an online Home Game.

Q.Does Home Games have chat moderators?


PokerStars Home Games is about playing poker with people who you know and trust. Therefore, chat moderation is generally not provided. Chat issues should be handled among the Club Members and mediated by the Club Manager.

Q.I am concerned about collusion. What should I do?


We are just as serious about the security of our Home Games as we are about all of PokerStars. While Home Games Poker Clubs are intended for friends who know and trust each other, if you suspect improper playing tactics on the part of fellow club members, please email with details of the incident. One of our game integrity specialists will review the matter.

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