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He’s one of 17 pitchers to have thrown a perfect game; he pitched for world domination in Yankee stadium, tried the same in Toronto, and hopped a fence no one expected he would jump and joined Boston. But there was no great story for PokerStars sponsored player David Wells tonight. I walked the tournament area in hope of some news of his survival but it seems Boomer busted before the dinner break.

The story was that Wells moved in pre-flop with pocket queens to double up, but a few hands later was released from the Rio when his set stood little chance against his opponent’s full house. The field loses a good lefty.

Major League star David Wells

PokerStars sponsored player Chuck Liddell knows how to throw a good left hander by all accounts. The Ultimate Fighting Championship can put up a good fight in his day job but was unable to mimic that form at the poker table.

UFC star Chuck Liddell

It was a glorious spell for Chuck thoough, who played on the feature table opposite the likes of Phil Hellmuth, before busting in level one of the day.

Homer Simpson once said “You tried, and you failed. The lesson is, never try…” That may be so for some people, but not TV producer and co-developer of The Simpsons, Sam Simon, who played as a PokerStars sponsored player today.

Despite busting out of Day 1D before making any impact, Simon is an accomplished player, finishing well into the money here last year, collecting over $35,000; that being one of four World Seires cashes to his name. He is also the current champions of the $100 Inglewood Poker Derby.

The Californian became one of hundreds eliminated already today. On the rail he’ll find Australian Gran Levy. The man from down under, playing in his first main event since winning the APPT in Sydney last year, was not destined to have much of a day, busting early and disappearing into the Rio crowds.

Those not yet confined to watching from that same spot are Sponsored players Anton Allemann and Russian Kirill Gerasimov.

Kirill Gerasimov

Allemann, who made the final table of the EPT Baden last season, is currently sat with a formidable 90,000 in front of him, alongside a can of energy drink. You can pretty much win anything with material like that.

That leaves Kirill Gerasimov who has featured prominently on his table. When I checked in on his table, which also features Brandon Schaeffer, he had 60,000, a good four levels of work Kirill who already has a final table to his name this year. This would make for a good second.

Speaking of David Wells, he caught up with the PokerStars video blog team earlier to talk about poker, baseball, and some more poker…

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