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Live updates from Day 1, levels 3 and 4 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Marc Convey and Simon Young.
Click refresh to see the latest updates below. Click through to the chip count page for the chip counts, updated regularly throughout the day.

Level 3 and 4: 150-300 (25 ante)

8.50pm: Blinds up
We’re heading into a new level. That’s be level 5, with blinds at 200-400 (50 ante). You can join us there by clicking right here.

8.45pm: Toughest of the tough
As you would expect from a high roller event, each table is packed with named talent. But Daio Minieri’s table pretty much takes the biscuit at the moment. Of the seven currently sat there, here are six you may not want to do battle with:

Dario Minieri
Alex Gomes
Benjamin Spindler
Hafiz Khan
William Thorson

Thorson is the new arrival, but he for one will not be fazed by the talent on show.

8.40pm: Gomes v Minieri
Alex Gomes raised, Dario Minieri re-raised and Gomes called. The flop was KQ7 and Minieri bet 4,350. Call. Both then checked the 9 turn but on the 2 river Minieri wanted to know how much was left in the Brazilian’s stack. The answer was around 30,000 – so Minieri bet 15,550. That was too much for Gomes and he got out of the way.

8.35pm: As mean as Luther
Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis is a player you get into a raising war with at your peril as Isaac Haxton just found out. The Dutchman raised from under-the-gun and was called by his American opponent from the next seat. The flop came 2JK and Velduis check-raised Haxton’s 1,600 bet up to 5,300. Haxtan came back with a raise to 12,000 only for Velduis to move all in. Haxton snap-folded to and Velduis raked in the pot.

8.30pm: Card back in the air
And we’re off again. There are just 23 minutes left of level four. Dario Minieri just rushed back from dinner and looked at the clock. “I’ve missed 37 minutes of this level?” he asked in a confused sort of way. “No,” said ElkY. “Oh,” said Dario.

8.01pm: Dinner time
Clock paused and the 90 minute dinner break is upon us.

8.00pm: Fortunate Minieri
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri just raked in a pot with a full house of eights full of jacks. As all the cards were being dragged in Mineri’s opponent realized he had mucked jacks full of sixes. He told the table he thought his diminutive opponent had quad eights. “That’s sick” commented the Italian as he raked in a nice sized pot to increase his chip lead.

7.50pm: Aggression and mucking
Poorya Nazari, who won the PCA main event last year, looks quite at home in this high roller event. He’s already up to more than 100,000, but just lost 15,000 or so to Carter Phillips. On a K7J4 board we picked up the action with Nazari betting 4,400 and Phillips making the call. On the K river Nazari had another pop, 10,875 this time, but insta-mucked as soon as Phillips announced call. Phillips was obliged to show AJ and is up to 64,000.

7.45pm: Pot for Eastgate
I have not done a proper count, but my rough estimation is that there are four former world champions in the field here. We have Greg Raymer and Joe Cade, Carlos Mortensen and Peter Eastgate, all of whom are moving along nicely.

Eastgate just took a 10,000 pot of Justin Smith. On a 63JK2 board it was checked down, and Smith mucked when Eastgate opened J9.


Peter Eastgate

7.40pm: Akkari v Mortensen
Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari made a 5,000 bet on a board showing 882610, called by Carlos Mortensen, who mucked as soon as Akkari turned over A8. Only 14,000 pot for the Brazilian, but every little helps.

7.35pm: River pressure
The river had been dealt giving us a K8663 board. Fellow Team PokerStars Pros Humberto Brenes and Lex Velduis were heads-up. The former checked to the latter who fired 22,000 into the pot which was only worth around 24,000. Brenes thought for a few moments before conceding defeat with a fold.

7.30pm: Dinner break now scheduled
Player power has forced tournament directors to introduce a dinner break to today’s proceedings. Who are we to argue with players who have stumped up $25,000 apiece? Play will suspend at 8pm for ninety minutes.

7.25pm: Ferdanover
Team PokerStars Argentina Leo Fernandez has now been eliminated. There was an early position raise and a flat call from before Fernandez moved all in for his last 12,000. He found one caller in Koen Berendsen with AQ and needed his 66 to hold up. It didn’t though as the board ran 10744A.


Leo Fernandez

7.00pm: Start over
16,000 chips had made it into the middle pre flop before a 783 flop came down. Albert Iversen was first to act from the small blind and saw his 8,000 bet called by his opponent from the button. Both players checked through the 4 turn before Iversen check-folded to his opponent’s all in push on the Q river. That puts Iversen back to his starting stack of 50,000.

6.46pm: Kind Fernandez
Team PokerStars Argentina member Leo Fernadez has just doubled up Bijan Zahmat to 97,000 leaving himself with 15,000. It was a pre flop raising war that saw Ferdandex five-bet shove with KQ. Zahmat made the call all in with AK and the board ran 76399.

6.35pm: From Russia with love
Alexander Kostritsyn opened the pot with a raise from late position that was only called by Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu in the big blind. Negreanu then led for 1,250 on the 864 flop and was called by his Russian foe. The turn came 4 and Neageanu check-called a 2,700 bet before both checked through the 7 river. Neagranu opened A8 and it was good for the pot as Kostritsyn folded.

6.25pm: Back again
The players are shuffling back from the break and we’ll soon be up and running again.


Dario Minieri

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