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Live updates from Day 3, levels 12 & 13 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.
Click refresh to see the latest updates below. Click through to the chip count page for the chip counts, updated regularly throughout the day.

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Level 12: 1,200-2,400 (200 ante)
Level 13: 1,500-3,000 (300 ante)

1.35pm: Schulman out; Reynolds and Brummelhuis up
Two big hands, both involving sets of nines. The first doubled up William Reynolds and hurt Alex Brenes; the second added all of Nick Schulman’s stack to that of Michiel Brummelhuis.

In the first:

Reynolds raised to 7,200 and Brenes called in the big blind. The flop came 379 and both players checked. On the A turn, Reynolds led at it, making it 12,400 to go. Brenes splashed out a raise to 25,000 and Reynolds dwelled for a long time before verbally announcing: “Raise.” He made it 17,000 more – a min-re-raise in other words – and Brenes announced that he was all in.


Alex Brenes

“Call,” said Reynolds, who showed 99. Brenes tabled A7 and missed his outs. Reynolds doubled to around 300,000 while Brenes was left with 115,000.


William Reynolds

On the second hand:

Nick Schulman, Sandra Naujoks and Michiel Brummelhuis are at a flop of J59. Naujoks checked, Schulman bet 8,000 and Brummelhuis raised to 22,000. Naujoks got out the way but Schulman called. The turn was 2 and Schulman checked. Brummelhuis made it 47,000 to go and after quickly counting his chips, Schulman shoved them all in.

Brummelhuis called instantly and showed those pocket nines. Shulman had outs with J10 but missed them on the river. Schulman headed for the door as the players went on a break.

1.25pm: So, so sick
Dmitri Stelmark opens for 8,000 and it’s folded around to Will Molson who bumps it up to 22,200. Stelmark wastes no time in pushing a large tower of blue 5,000 chips over the line. It’s worth 100,000.

“This is so, so sick,” Molson groans, before reluctantly letting go of his hand.

1.22pm: The price of a shirt
Greg Raymer is staring at Matt Marafioti’s shirt, a brown, striped affair. “I could have guessed you were Canadian,” he said. “That’s a very European style of shirt.”

“Well I bought it in the Bellagio. It’s Armani,” replied Marafioti. “It cost me $1,600.”

“$1,600 for a shirt? I never spent that much on clothing in my life. Even my best tailored suit would be nothing like that. If I spent $100 on a shirt I’d be annoyed. Actually, if I spent $50 on a shirt I’d be annoyed.”

1:18pm: James Calderaro racing team best at checkered flag
Lisa Hamilton came in for a raise to 7,500. Dario Minieri called in the small blind, only to have James Calderaro pash all-in from the big. Hamilton thought for a minute or so before she was re-raising all-in. Minieri got out of the way to see Hamilton’s JJ up against Calderaro’s AQ. Calderaro made both his ace and queen and doubled up. Hamilton, meanwhile, is down to 115,000.


Lisa Hamilton, outraced by…


James Calderaro

1.10pm: Chat and hands on table three
Shawn Buchanan, Greg Raymer and Dmitry Stelmak go to a flop of A47. The first two check and then Stelmak, on the button, bets 12,000. Buchanan is the only caller. The turn is K and this time Buchanan check-folds to Stelmak’s 31,000 bet.

Stelmak is involved in late position again on the next hand, when he tangles with Will Molson. Molson made is 7,400 to play and Stelmak calls. The flop is 91010 and Molson fires 10,800. Call. The turn is 4 and Molson now bets 16,200, which is about a third of his remaining stack. Stelmak folds.

All this happens as Raymer and Matt Marafioti are having a conversation about air travel, and the journey from Raleigh (Raymer’s home) to Vegas. Marafioti is talking about the cost of flying a Learjet – something like 180,000 for a short trip. Raymer says that you could rent an entire commercial jet – 120 seats for a couple of hundred bucks apiece – for less than that. Anyone else want a trip on RaymerAir?

1pm: Zahmat busted by Vaeza
Adolfo Vaeza continues his extraordinary heater and extends his chip lead after busting Bijan Zahmat. Dario Minieri kicked it all off by betting 7,100, Vaeza made it 25,000 and then Zahmat announced all in for a total of 140,000. Minieri ditched it but after a quick glance at Zahmat’s stack, Vaeza called.

Vaeza: KK
Zahmat: AK

Zahmat was at risk, and the Dutchman finished in 22nd place when the board ran 347J3.

Vaeza is now up to a dominating 600,000.

12.50pm: Va-va-Vaeza
We’ve seen an extraordinary surge to the top of the leaderboard this afternoon by Adolfo Vaeza, from Uruguay. Vaeza, who made the final table of the high roller in London, doubled up through Bijan Zahmat, and then doubled up the double up through Dario Minieri.

With about 100,000 in his stack and black pocket tens, Vaeza moved all in and Zahmat called with AK. There was no help for Zahmat on the board and Vaeza moved beyond 200,000. Then a couple of hands later James Calderaro raised to 6,500 under the gun and Vaeza made it 13,400 from mid position. Minieri made it a further 37,000 from the big blind and Vaeza called.

The flop came 2JK and all the money flew in. Minieri showed K7 and Vaeza JJ. “I am so fish,” said Minieri, who went through some of his reasoning for the move, looking to Isaac Baron for comment. “Is that bad, Isaac? Come on, I won’t be offended.”

Whatever Baron’s thoughts, Vaeza is leading this thing now with about half a million.


Adolfo Vaeza

12.45pm: All in, call….
…chop. Will Molson starts this one off with 7,700. Tobias Reinkemeir re-pops to 18,500 – but then Matt Marafioti fires out 46,000. Molson gets out of the way, Reinkemeier moves all in, Marafioti calls! He’s the one at risk but everyone calms down when they turn their hands over.

12.40pm: Naujoks part II
This time Sandra Naujoks bets 8,300 from the button and Nick Schulman calls from the big blind. The flop comes 510J, Schulman checks then calls Naujoks’ 9,000. But on the 4 turn it’s Schulman who takes the initiative, putting out four blue chips – 20,000. Naujoks is still interested and asks how much he has left behind. The answer is around 135,000 and Naujoks lets it go.

12.35pm: Naujoks part I
With 50,000 already in the pot, Team PokerStars Pro Sandra Naujoks and Michiel Brummelhuis see a QQ5 flop. Brummelhuis makes it 19,000, Naujoks calls. Both check the 7 turn, but on the 6 river, Brummelhuis checks and then folds when Naujoks fires out another 28,000.

12:30pm: Paul Berende: Late arrival, early exit
When the final 24 players sat down to play at noon, Paul Berende’s spot at the table was only filled by his unbagged chips. When he finally did show up, it was time to leave. He got all-in from the small blind with JJ against fellow Dutchman Bijan Zahmat’s KK. Berenda didn’t catch up, shooke his head ruefully, patted Zahmat on the shoulder, and walked out of the room.

12.25pm: Level up
We have moved effortlessly into level 13.

12.20pm: Small skirmishes
It’s going to be a long day for William Reynolds. Or a very short one that just feels like a long day. He’s the unfortunate player who has Dario Minieri to his left, and twice already Reynolds has raised pre-flop (once from the button, once from the cut off) and been reraised out of it by the Italian. Also on that table, Adolfo Vaeza is tangling with his neighbour Isaac Baron. Vaeza raised to 6,000 from the small blind and Baron asked him for a count. The Uruguayan is playing about 100,000. Baron re-raised to 15,000; Vaeza insta moved all in and Baron insta-folded.

12:15pm: Happy hour for Molson
Will Molson started the day with 60,000 chips, barely more than his Day 1 starting stack. Today, he’s used the first hour to double up. After coming in for a raise, he went heads up to a flop with Tobias Reinkemeier’s big stack. Molson led for 10,400 on a 87[7 flop and Reinkemeier called. On the 6 turn, Molson bet out 15,700 and Reinkemeier raised enough to put Molson all-in. Molson snap-called with two red queens. Reinkemeier held A10 for the flush and gutshot draws. He mised on the river and Molson got his early double.


Will Molson

12.10pm: Step one of the Baron comeback
Isaac Baron has accomplished one of his first goals – an early double up. He opened for 6,000 in early position and Christian Kruel, with a stack of about 100,000 overnight, moved all in over the top. Baron was covered, but called, showing 99 against Kruel’s AQ. The board bricked – K749J – and Baron is back in the black, with about 140,000. Kruel was eliminated a hand or so later.


Christian Kruel

12.01pm: Those seat draws in full
Table 1
Carter Phillips, 139,400
Sandra Naujoks, Team PokerStars Pro, 180,500
Joe Cada, Team PokerStars Pro, 135,700
Nick Schulman, 143,400
Vivek Rajkumar, 301,700
Brett Richey, 106,400
Alex Brenes, 253,600
Michiel Brummelhuis, 403,800

Table 2
Adolfo Vaeza, 92,600
Isaac Baron, 76,700
Bijan Zahmat, 198,200
Paul Berende, 104,400
William Reynolds, 89,100
Dario Minieri, 430,700
James Calderaro, 89,100
Christian Kruel, 103,800

Table 3
Lisa Hamilton, 153,900
Shawn Buchanan, 171,900
Will Molson, 60,000
Greg Raymer, Team PokerStars Pro, 206,600
Dmitry Stelmark, 264,000
Tobias Reinkemeier, 279,500
Matt Marafioti, 121,000
Bill Edler, 94,700

11:51am: And like sands through the hourglass…
We’re back. Day 2 has become Day 3 and the final 24 players are coming back to play down to the High Roller final table. Dario Minieri remains our chip leader. The top 16 players will get paid. Stick with us for what many of us expect to be a very long day.

5.15pm: Mouth out, we pack up
We are all done for the night as Mike Matusow has just been eliminated. He got it all in pre-flop against Carter Phillips and although Matusow was ahead with AQ to Phillips’ K8, the flop of K84 swung it in Phillips’ favour. The 9J on turn and river didn’t help Matusow either.

The Mouth is gone, and we have reached our target of 24 players in double quick time.

A full wrap and chip counts are on their way.

5.05pm: Biggest pot so far: Minieri up, Veldhuis out
Lex Veldhuis is out, with Dario Minieri finally getting his man. It was all in pre-flop: kings for Minieri and ace-king for Veldhuis. The board bricked and a 450,000 pot went the way of the Italian, who has reassumed the chip lead.

5:04pm: William Thorson eliminated
There was a lot of betting, three-betting, and bluffing going on pre-flop by the time we ran to the table to see William Thorson all in with 78 against pocket sevens. The flop made it interesting: 7K10, but Thorson bricked twice and and that was that.

4.58pm: Naujoks doubles up
Sandra Naujoks’ tournament life was on the line. Vivek Rajkumar had bet 6,100 and Naujoks re-raised to 16,000. Rajkumar asked how much the Team PokerStars Pro had behind (61,600), then wasted no time moving in a tower of blue 5,000 chips that more than covered his opponent. Naujoks called in a flash.

Naujoks: 88
Rajkumar: AK

A straightforward race, therefore, and it was Naujoks who won it as the board ran 56396. She’s now up to more than 125,000.

4.55pm: Metaal reverberates no more
Fans of heavy music punms will be disappointed to learn that Govert Metaal has left Paradise City and has climbed the stairway to heaven. Alex Brenes started it off, raising to 7,000 from early position. Matt Marafioti re-raised to 18,200 from the button and Metaal, in the small blind, shipped his last 33,200 in from the small blind.

Brenes folded but Marafioti called and it was easy to see why. The Canadian’s KK were way ahead of Metaal’s 99 and the kings held. Metaal departed with a twang. We’re down to 27.

4:50pm: Sami Kelopuro eliminated
Finland’s Sami Kelopuro has just become Vivek Rajkumar’s latest victim. In this case, it was Kelopuro’s pocket queens versus Rajkumar’s pocket eights. Say it with us…eight on the river. We’re down to 28 players.

4:45pm: Christian Kruel doubles
It’s a timely double up for Brazil’s Christian Kruel. His pocket threes just held against Carter Phillips’ ace-queen.

4.37pm: Up and running again
The remaining players are back from their break. We’ve got five more to lose and that’ll be your lot for today. Here’s our current chip leader, Michel Brummelhuis…


Michel Brummelhuis

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