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Live updates from Day 2, levels 12 & 13 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.
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Level 16: 3,000-6,000 (500 ante)
Level 17: 4,000-8,000 (1,000 ante)

7pm: Level over
With 10 players left, the level is over. We’re going into level 18.

6.55pm: You bladed Reynolds, dude
Will Molson and William Reynolds were alone to a 8910 flop. Molson bet 26,000, which Reynolds called. The turn was Q and Molson checked, eliciting a bet of 48,000 from Reynolds. Molson moved all in, for 124,000 more, and Reynolds called. Molson was delighted, tabling A2 and a dismayed Reynolds said: “I’m drawing dead.” He showed AJ for the straight, but it wasn’t good enough to beat Molson’s nut flush.

Matt Marafioti came over to see what the commotion was all about, and said to his friend Molson: “You bladed Reynolds, dude.”

6:50pm: Naujoks KO’s Cada
Word of warning: just because Sandra Naujoks is pretty doesn’t mean she won’t eat your lunch then take your mom out for a nice steak dinner. This lesson was just learned by 2009 WSOP champ Joe Cada. When Naujoks came in for a raise from the button, Cada shoved for his entire stack (somewhere in the neighborhood of 270,000). Naujoks waited one, two, three, four seconds before sliding her chips in.

“Wow,” said Cada as he spied Naujok’s A9. The champ turned over his A8. There was no chop. There was no suckout. All that remained was for Cada to say, “Nice hand” and walk to the cash out desk. There he will receive $51,540 for his 11th place finish.


Joe Cada

Vaeza tries something different
“I am going to do something I have done before. I am going to call blind.” This is Adolfo Vaeza in the big blind who face a 21,000 bet from Dmitry Stelmark which has been called by William Reynolds.

And so to the flop, which came J4A. Reynolds checked and then Vaeza announced: “OK, I have to check now.” He looked at his hole cards for the first time and apparently liked what he saw, firing out a bet of 30,000. Stelmark made the call, Reynolds folded.

Both players checked the 2 turn, but on the 5 river Vaeza bet 40,000. Stelmark thought about it for a minute and then made the call. As he did so, Vaeza insta mucked, and Stelmark was then obliged to show A3 for the straight.

6:34pm: Blind battle
It’s folded around to Tobias Reinkemeier in the small blind, and he makes it 24,000. Alex Brenes defends his big blind and bumps it up by another 50,000. Reinkemeier looks at his own stack, then at Brenes’ stack (which is smaller than his), and announces: “All in.”
That sends Brenes into the tank, but emerges soon after to fold.

6:22pm: Phillips flipped, out in 12th place
Carter Phillips never recovered from the three-way all-in he lost against Sandra Naujoks earlier. Just now, Joe Cada came in for a raise from the button and Phillips shoved all-in for 113,000 more. Cada labored over his decision. Finally, he decided Phillips’ range was wide enough that A6 was good for the call. Phillips turned over 33. The flip quickly went Cada’s way. The flop brought an ace and Phillips never caught up. He earns $51,540


Carter Phillips

6.05pm: All in, call, chop
Will Molson raised to 20,000 from the small blind into Dmitry Stelmak’s big. The Russian called and they saw a flop of K66. Check, check. The turn was A and Molson bet 24,000, which was called. The river was Q and Molson now moved all in, for 184,000. Stelmak called and was shown AJ. Slowly he exposed A7 for the chop. Still 12 of them.

5:57pm: Back from break
After a short break, the players are back in their seats and trying to survive the next four eliminations and make it to tomorrow’s final table.

5.30pm: Greg Raymer out in 13th ($46,305)
It didn’t take long for Raymer to get the rest of his chips in, re-raising Dmitry Stelmak’s 16,000 opener. Raymer’s all in was for 110,000 and Stelmak called.

Stelmak: KQ
Raymer: A7

Raymer was ahead, but only narrowly. And the flop of K4J only helped Stelmak. The turn and river were blank and Fossilman was yesterday’s news.


Raymer sends Stelmak an autographed fossil

Raymer is one of the most popular members of the poker community. Our video crew got some nice opinions about the Fossilman from around the tournament floor…

Watch PCA 2010: Pokerpinions: Greg Raymer on

5.30pm: Raymer drops a chunk
On a 7QK8 board, William Reynolds made it 28,000 and Greg Raymer made the call. The river was Q, Raymer checked and Reynolds, almost in slow motion, reached down for 82,000 more. Now Raymer was in the tank, eventually taking his glasses off – and then calling.

Reynolds tables A4 for the ace-high flush and Raymer could only nod in approval. He’s down to 110,000 now.


5.27pm: Hamilton saved by the river
Lisa Hamilton got all in against Joe Cada, and she was the one at risk.

Cada: AQ
Hamilton: 99

The flop sent her behind, coming 3Q7. The turn was K and now Hamilton needed one of the two remaining nines. The 9 duly fell on the river. She’s up to 270,000, Cada pegged back to 300,000.

5.25pm: Phillips gets it all in
Carter Phillips made up Michiel Brummelhuis’ big blind and they went to a 9J6 flop. Phillips bet 7,000 and Brummelhuis called. The turn was K and Phillips now bet 17,000, which Brummelhuis also called. The river was A and Phillips now moved all in for his last 84,000. After a good few minutes, Brummelhuis decided that that was too rich and folded.

5:10pm: The dead Baron
Isaac Baron is out, getting it all in pre-flop with 89 against Michiel Brummelhuis’ AQ. Baron needed help, but the 2245Q board sent him on his way in 14th place. Remember you can keep up to date with the payouts on the payouts page. Where else?


4.55pm: Buchanan busts in 15th
Alex Brenes raised to 15,000 and Shawn Buchanan, on the micro-stack, moved all in for 31,000 more. Will Molson seemed interested, but folded, leaving Brenes to call.

“Oh, I don’t like this hand,” said Brenes, when Buchanan showed his A10. Brenes had K4, so his suit was covered. But the board changed everything. It came K5K4[jd[ and that ended the day for Buchanan. He takes $41,160.

4.40pm: Back for level 16
There was no break, just a level up. Here’s a pic of Will Molson. Today.


Will Molson

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