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Sunny Jung is one elimination away from creating history.

If he wins he will be the first two-time APPT champion and he will have won back-to-back ACOP Main Event titles – a huge feat in such a prestigious tournament.

The man standing in his way is Gabriel Le Jossec.

There is HK$6,300,000 up top and at least HK$4,250,000 going to both players.

That’s not chump change. Both players are going to be fighting hard.


Gabriel Le Jossec (left) Vs. Sunny Jung

It came down to the two players remaining following the successive eliminations of Ami Barer in fourth place and Zuo “ST” Wang in third.

It took two hands for Barer to hit the rail.

The first hand saw Jung all-in on a 86J flop with a pair and a flush draw against Barer’s open-ended straight draw. Barer took the lead on the turn with a bigger pair than Jung, but then the river gave Jung two-pair to double up and leave Barer short stacked.

Barer was crippled after this hand and ultimately got all his chips in with A7 on a 429 flop and was up against Jung’s KK. Jung was ahead and the K turn put him a little further ahead. Then the Q river sealed the deal as Barer was eliminated for a HK$2,025,000 (~US$260,000) score and Jung was once again a big chip leader.


Ami Barer – 4th Place

It really was looking like Jung was going to run over his opponents at this point, but instead a bit of a cooler situation saw Jung make trip aces and get out-kicked to double up Le Jossec and their stacks were evened out.

While this was going on, Wang was waiting for a spot with his short stack and he found it when he looked down at AJ and got his chips in preflop against Jung’s 99.

The 481026 board were the last five cards that Wang would see as he was eliminated in third place for which he received HK$2,565,000 (~US$330,850).


Zuo “ST” Wang – 3rd Place

Wang was China’s last hope and now it’s a battle between Canada and Korea.

Jung going for a second title in a row, Le Jossec trying to stop him.

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