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It’s over, we’re down to 11.

The magic number came far faster than tournament staff expected. In just about six hours of play, we got a field of 157 down to 11.

We left off the last post with 20 players but they fell quicker than anyone expected. Gary Lem was one of the leaders last post, then he fell in 15th.

At the time, our biggest stack, Kevin Choi, with 170,000, about 28 big blinds.


Kevin Choi

Right behind Choi was Tai Tan, with 165,000. Tan got some of Lem’s chips and then Franco Cultreri finished him off.

Lem and Cultreri got it all-in preflop and Lem showed KJ to Cultreri’s pocket sevens. The board ran 58688 and Cultreri took out Lem.


Franco Cultreri

With Lem gone, there were only 14 players left. We lost another two in a matter of minutes and hand-for-hand play went under way. That too only went by quickly, mostly due to Tai Tan.

Tan finishes the day as a massive chip leader after bursting the Day 1B bubble.

Tan’s table was six-handed and his opponent open-shoved for about 100,000 for the second consecutive hand.

With about 200,000, Tan called with AK and was up against AK.

The cards fell heavily in Tan’s favor as the four spades came in a row: 6Q89. Tan hit a king-high flush and ended the day.


Tai Tan

Stay tuned for a full wrap of the day’s events.

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