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Late registration is closed and players who bust Day 1B bust for good.

The total number of entries for Day 1B now totals 157, up 23 from yesterday. While 10 players qualified yesterday, 11 will make it through today.

Out of the 157 entries, only 70 players remain. There’s still plenty of action and culling left to go before we call it a day.

Now that the ante is in place, players are falling fast. Average stacks are getting pecked away and then gobbled up by their opponents.


The triangle is everywhere

One of those who’s managed to survive a full gobble is the man who barely squeaked into yesterday’s 10 survivors, Iori Yogo. Yogo finished Day 1A as the short stack with 40,000 and has been struggling with a short stack today as well.

Yogo is still alive with about 10,000 and riding that short stack wave he rode so well on Day 1A.

Faring slightly better is yesterday’s bubble, Percy Yung. Yung down to 17,000 after doubling up an opponent.

There was more than 13,000 in the pot with a K28 flop. Yung’s opponent moved all-in for 7,200 and — after some thought — Yung called.

Yung showed AJ and was up against QQ. A 3 came on the turn and a 3 completed the board, bringing Yung down to 17,000.

Celina Lin, who re-bought just before the break, has indeed regained her chips, and then some. Lin is now close to average with about 25,000.

Several other players are starting to cross the 30,000 mark as chips continue to rush through the tables, propelled by the new antes.

One player who’s crossed the 40,000 mark is Justin Chan. Chan is doing well today, but he did even better four years ago when he won the 2010 Macau Millions.


Justin Chan

Shaq Lin won the year after that and then the tournament took a hiatus until yesterday. Now both players are trying to become the first player to clinch the title twice.

But that will take more than a week and players have to make it through Day 1 first. The player currently leading that race today is still Stephen Wong, who’s dipped a bit but still leads with 57,000.

Several stacks are starting to catch up though.

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