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We’re down to our final two tables.

Play went 10-handed after Mansour Khorramshahi was eliminated in 21st place. Khorramshahi was about average stack with three tables to go, but then he lost a large all-in against Gary Lem.

Lem and Khorramshahi got it all-in preflop and Lem showed KJ to Khorramshahi’s AQ.

The board ran 896K9 and the dealer had to count stacks. Lem had Khorramshahi covered, barely.

Lem doubled up to about 105,000 while Khorramshahi was crippled.


Gary Lem

A few hands later, Khorramshahi fell to Chen Sheng. Khorramshahi moved all-in, Sheng re-shoved and the rest of the table got out of the way.

Once again, Khorramshahi was ahead with AQ and Sheng tabled A4.

The flop was a precarious 765 for Khorramshahi and then a 2 fell on the river. It wasn’t in the cards for Khorramshahi today, as a 4 fell on the river.

Sheng took the pot and the Khorramshahi was eliminated.


Khorramshahi (left), Sheng (right) and their all-in traingles

The floor then broke the last table of the day and we got down to our final twenty players.

Henrik Tollefsen is still leading the field, his stack has now grown to 137,000. After that is Alex Liu with 122,000 and Lem rounds off the top three with 115,000.

Only nine players to go before we call it a day.

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