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It’s a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius here in Macau tonight but on the poker tables things are really heating up.

Day 3 is underway and while it’s still early we’ve already seen chips flying.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the action so far is American Connor Drinan. He made headlines last year when his pocket aces were cracked by pocket aces in the Big One for One Drop $1 million buy-in event but he seems to be running a lot better in this ACOP Main Event.

drinan day 3.jpg

Connor Drinan (pictured left)
Drinan scored a huge double up in the early stages of play to position himself as one of our chip leaders. The hand saw Jiaxiu Liu raise to 5,500 from middle position before Drinan in the small blind and the player in the big blind made the call. The flop landed J29 and after two checks Liu continued with a bet. Drinan raised it up for a little more and with the big blind out of the way, Liu decided to call.

The dealer turned the 5 and after considering his options, Drinan barrelled for 25,000. Liu committed the chips and players saw the 7 river. It was then that Drinan announced all in for around 95,000 which sent Liu deep into the tank. After several minutes consideration Liu opted for a call before Drinan tabled JJ for top set. Liu tapped the table and sent over half of his chips Drinan’s way.

Another player making the most of today is New Zealander Thomas Ward. Just two hours into the action Ward had already more than tripled his starting stack from 105,400 to 346,100. It was mostly two big hands responsible for his upswing. The first saw Ward score a double up through Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros with KK against the AK of the Australian. Ward faded danger on the 34JJ5 run out to stay alive and scoop a big pot.

ward day 3.jpg

Thomas Ward
The second hand would see Ward send Shawn Buchanan to the rail after a preflop confrontation. Buchanan three-bet jammed for around 35,000 over Ward’s open who called to put his opponent at risk.

Ward: AQ
Buchanan: KJ

Ward was ahead and would stay that way as the board came down KA763 to see Buchanan eliminated and Ward continue to climb.

We’ve just reached Level 15 now and blinds have increased to 1,500/3,000 with a 500 chip ante. We’ll be keeping an eye on Drinan and Ward’s progress along with the remaining 55 players here.

Stay with us!

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