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It’s still early into Day 4 here for the ACOP Main Event, but with the action expected to carry deep into the night, players will be doing what that can to keep their stamina up.

Every little edge helps at the poker table and fatigue can play a detrimental role in decision making. That might be why players are taking full advantage of the table service on the tournament floor.

On top of the impressive food menu and the adjacent Flame Bar, Red Bull – the official energy drink provider of PokerStars LIVE Macau – has provided fridges stocked up for players here at ACOP to enjoy free of charge.

While some of the remaining players sip cans of Red Bull in a bid to keep their energy levels high, one man is taking a different approach with regard to beverages. The overnight chip leader Connor Drinan put away a few glasses of red wine yesterday, and was spotted at the bar again during the first break just recently.

drinan day 4.jpg

Connor Drinan
Drinan’s decision might have been prompted by the final hand he played before stepping away from the table. The American made a big river fold on a three-flush four-straight board after his lead was raised by Nan Tu. We’ll keep an eye on Drinan’s alcohol intake and see how he fares at the table as the night progresses.

Another familiar face enjoying a drink is ACOP High Roller final tablist Stevan Chew. He was eliminated in the earlier stages of this tournament but has come down to rail the final two tables. Chew is watching on as friend and fellow Australian Matthew Wakeman fights for a final table spot, and he shared his thoughts on Wakeman’s poker table eating habits.

“He just loves eating anything fatty really. Chips, burgers, pizza, you name it” Chew told us. “He also said he’s been going to the gym this week but I think he was bluffing.”

wakeman day 4.jpg

Matthew Wakeman
Wakeman hasn’t been spotted with any food at the table tonight, but he has managed to run his stack up from the 126,000 in chips he started with to now sit at 615,000. We’ll be following Wakeman’s progress and see whether he manages to sneak in a snack as Day 4 lingers on.

For now though it’s back to the action. Only seven remain in this ACOP Main Event. Stay with us!

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