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5:25pm Game Over – Chen An Lin is our Winner for HK$1,159,000 – Xu Huang 2nd for HK$683,000

Level 33 Blinds 100,000/200,000 Ante 30,000

The final hand of the 2018 Macau Millions has played out. Chen An Lin had a two-to-one chip lead when it all went down. Lin on the button raised to 400k with Huang reraising to 1.5 million. Lin called. After the flop the board read 2J8. Huang checked it, Lin raised to 1 million with Huang reraising to 2.5 million. Lin thought a little then called. The turn came out a 10 and Huang went all-in fast, with Lin calling even quicker. Huang showed A10, a pair of tens, but Lin’s JQ, with its flopped pair of jacks had him beat. The dealer let the drama build before slamming down a 6, Lin’s dreams of victory coming true, Huang’s busting out. To the victor go the spoils…

This is the first time I’ve managed to final table this event,” said a pleased-looking Lin immediately after his victory – his largest ever career score.

I think the trophy means more to me than the Platinum Pass, just because this is the first Main Event title I’ve ever won, I’ve bubbled three main event final tables so this is a special moment for me,” said Lin.

4:57pm Chen An Lin Takes Charge

Level 33 Blinds 100,000/200,000 Ante 30,000

The battle had been quite tense early on in heads-up play. Xu Huang had been the aggressor and had wrestled back the chip lead. But that changed pretty quickly. With the board reading 545 Lin bet out 400k, Huang raised to 1 million and Lin called. The turn was a 9, Huang again betting out, this time 1.2 million and again Lin called. The river was a 2, Huang again betting with aggression, this time with 3 million chips. Lin went into think mode, and then made the call. Lin showed K4, Huang 78, Lin’s pair of fours holding up and he rakes in around 10 million in chips and is now in control.

16:15pm Zhochang Xu exits for HK$ 480,581 – Heads Up

Level 33 Blinds 100,000/200,000 Ante 30,000

We’re heads up, with a new chip leader. After the double bust out, we were left with three runners and they all looked at a flop of 445. Lin raised, Xu shoved his near 2 million in and Huang said ‘No Thanks’. Lin called without thought. Zhochang Xu showed A7, Lin 77. The turn came a 5, the river a K, no help to Xu, but it had Lin smiling as he scooped in the chips. He is now chip leader with 15.3 million, just ahead of Huang with 14.1 million.

16:03pm Double Bust Out! Aditya Sushant 5th for HK$276,000…Max Menzel 4th for HK$360,000

Level 33 Blinds 100,000/200,000 Ante 30,000

A crazy hand played out leading to a double exit. We were three-handed, all-in all around after the flop. Max Menzel showed AK in the big blind, Aditya Sushant 109 and Chen An Lin JJ. The flop came out JQA , the turn 10 giving Menzel the straight with a card to come. The river crushed his heart though, a Q, giving a Lin a book, Jacks on Queens and busting both Menzel and Sushant at once. Lin took all the chips, near 5 million and pushing his personal stack to 9 million.

3:56pm Chip Counts at Break

Xu Huang – 16.7 million

Aditya Sushant 1.8 million

Max Menzel 4.1 million

Zhochang Xu 2.4 million

Chen An Lin 4.4 million

3:40pm Fangjie Chen eliminated in 6th for HK$204,000

Level 32 Blinds 80,000/160,000 Ante 20,000

Fangjie Chen had started as one of the small stacks this morning, but he hadn’t let that hold him back, digging in and getting near 5 million in chips. Chen led the betting with 350k, Xu Huang didn’t fuss about and reraised to 850k. Chen thought long and hard, then reraised to 1.5 million, which Huang called. Things were getting tense, this was the biggest hand of the day so far. The flop showed 539, Chen acted first betting out another 1.5 million. Huang, the chip leader, shoved and Chen thought briefly and called it. His tounament now on the line. Chen showed QQ , Huang turning over AA. The turn was a K, the river J, Huang’s bullets steadfast and the his run continuing.

2:48pm Guigen Xiao eliminated in 7th for HK$155,500

Level 32 Blinds 80,000/160,000 Ante 20,000

Xu Huang led the betting with 350k raise, the man beside him Guigen Xaio, who was on the button liked it and pushed all-in. Huang, having him well-covered, made a quick call. Xiao showed AJ, Huang 99. The flop came out 352. Pocket nines had let Huang down in a recent shown against Fangjie Chen, but this time with the turn a K, and the river a K, they held up beautifully. Huang pulled in a 2 million chip pot and regained his leader status, still with around 6 million to his name. Xaio walks away in 7th place.
2:36pm Fangjie Chen Wins Big

Level 32 Blinds 80,000/160,000 Ante 20,000

Fangjie Chen opened up with a 360k raise which Xu Huang reraised to 520k. Chen pushed his stack without blinking and Huang called. Chen showed KK, Huang 99. The flop was 1078, Chen still way out in front. The turn showed a 5, and gave Huang a straight opportunity, but the river, a 4 didn’t deliver and Chen took down a 2.7 million chip pot, giving him over 3 million under his nose.

2:08pm Menzel and Lin Battle

Level 31 Blinds 60,000/120,000 Ante 20,000

Chen An Lin raised to 250k, Max Menzel called in the big blind. After the flop the board read 10A3. Both players checked it and the turn read a 7. Menzel checked to Lin, bet 250k, only to be re-raised to 600k by Menzel. Lin called it quickly. The river came a 2, both players checked it down. Menzel flipped over A7, two pair, Lin mucked his cards. The German scooping in another healthy pot worth near 1.5 million and pushing himself up near the 5 million chip mark.

1:34pm Wei Lin Busts in 8th for HK$111,000

Level 30 Blinds 50,000/100,000 Ante 10,000

Wei Lin pushed his stack in the small blind showing 109, Xu Huang called in the big blind with J5. Huang had Lin’s small stack well covered. The board came out A6353. Huang’s pair of fives takes it down, and he takes Lin’s 1.2 million stack with him. Our chip leader getting now with over 7 million. Seven players remaining.

1:31pm Menzel Moving Up

Level 30 Blinds 50,000/100,000 Ante 10,000

Max Menzel has been the early mover, taking down 3 pots already with all-in pushes. He’s added over a million chips to his stack.

1:19pm Intensity from the Outset

Level 30 Blinds 50,000/100,000 Ante 10,000

Guigen Xiao made it 235k to go, Max Menzel in the big blind reraised to 600k, Xaio made the call. A flop of 10KA landed. Menzel shoved, Xaio mucked. Nice score for Menzel early in the day.

1:00PM Play Begins

Level 30 Blinds 50,000/100,000 Ante 10,000

Blinds are in, hole cards are dealt. Here we go…

11:33am A Big Day Ahead

Welcome back to the live coverage of the record breaking 2018 Macau Millions. Looking forward to some great final table play today.

Due to an epic final hand late last night, which led to a double bust out and a new chip leader we have an 8 man final table today, all battling it out for the monstrous HK$1,159,000 (~US$147,000) top prize.

The head honcho at the start of play will be Xu Huaung with over 6 million chips. WSOP Bracelet winner Aditya Sushant and Chen An Lin are both nipping at his heels with over 5 million. Zhouchang Xu rounds off the big stacks with over 4 million.

Max Menzel, who dominated play earlier yesterday grinded it out and starts with 2.7 million, whilst Guigen Xiao had a great late run and went from possibly watching from the rail to the final table. He starts with 2.6 million. The action is rounded off with a couple of short stacks, Wei Lin and Fangjie Chen, both with over a million in front of them.

Blinds are in at 1pm, should be a day full of action, join us then for live updates.

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