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The Dare2Stream competition kicks off on Saturday, October 23 and runs until December 12, 2021. Find out more information here.

It’s almost go-time. This Saturday, when Dare2Stream begins, we’re going to see many brand new poker streamers go live on Twitch, perhaps for the very first time. All will be hoping to win a one-year PokerStars Ambassador contract at the end of it.

Need some inspiration before you fire up that maiden stream? Look no further.

Here are five Twitch poker streamers that you can take inspiration from when it comes to innovation, boldness, guidance, community, and consistency.


Don’t be afraid to try new things and set your stream apart during the Dare2Stream competition. Innovation goes a long way, but who can you look to for innovation inspiration?

Lex Veldhuis calls Tom “Majincast” Hayward the most innovative streamer in Twitch poker, and it’s not hard to see why.

Joe Rogan interviews Majincast during his stream

Hayward does things that no other poker streamers do, from dropping instant soundbites reflecting the poker action to cutting away to scenes of the Joe Rogan Experience or Judge Judy with his face inserted, all done in real-time, mid-poker session. The PokerStars Team Pro’s tech game is unrivalled, and it’s backed up by some great poker play too. Hayward recently took down the Sunday Million for $53K live on stream.

Watch Majincast on Twitch here.


Do what you think is best. Be bold. Don’t follow the herd, lead your own.

While most Twitch poker streamers stick to the Cadillac–a.k.a. No limit Texas hold’em–Mason “pyefacepoker” Pye went his own way and started a movement. A mixed game movement.

His early efforts to promote poker variants outside of NLHE didn’t go unnoticed when he first started streaming several years ago. Now Pye is a full-fledged member of Team PokerStars.

His love of the mixed games also led him to a Spring Championship of Online Poker title in 2021 when he took down a $109 Stud event for $6,729.

Watch pyefacepoker on Twitch here.


As one of the head coaches at the BBZPoker training sit, Jargo “bungakat” Alaväli is often referred to as the “ICM wizard”. When you watch his Twitch stream, it’s not hard to see why.

Alaväli is a high-level, high-stakes tournament player who explains his plays in real-time on stream, allowing anyone watching to learn from him.

Even if you don’t yet consider yourself to be a strong poker player, remember that while your viewers are there to be entertained, many of them–especially poker beginners–would also love to learn a thing or two.

Watch bungakat on Twitch here.


When you get down to the essence of what makes Twitch successful, it’s all about the communities that are built. After years of hard work, Lex Veldhuis has built a community so strong that he holds live events (Lex Live) for which hundreds fly from all over the world to attend. Regulars in the chat become real-life friends, despite having never met in real life.

Another streamer who is excellent at growing and nurturing his community is Felix “Xflixx” Schneiders. If you play on PokerStars, you’ve no doubt seen other players sporting his Team GRND avatar. From his GRND University seminars to online cooking sessions, German-speaking poker players are lucky to have him.

Your community spirit will go a long way in the Dare2Stream competition.

Watch Xflixx on Twitch here.


How can a new streamer build a loyal audience? Ask any of those who have reached the top of the Twitch poker world–from Lex Veldhuis to Parker Talbot–and they’ll tell you: it all comes down to consistency.

You’ve got to keep showing up and going live, even if you’re not really feeling it that day. Find a time slot where you know you can consistently go live and let your audience know you’re going to be there, come rain or shine.

There are many incredibly consistent streamers out there, but one who springs to our mind is “Sunnydales”, a.k.a. Jakov, a ZOOM cash game streamer from Berlin, Germany who is currently doing a bankroll building $50 to $500 challenge.

Sunnydales always shows up; one look at his recent streams and you’ll see he hasn’t gone a day without streaming throughout October 2021 so far.

“On my channel, I am doing my best to try to bring different countries, cultures and languages together,” the 30-year-old says in his ‘About’ section. The fact that he can speak English, German, Russian and a bit of French certainly helps him in this regard.

But it’s his consistency that keeps people coming back.

To learn how to start streaming from scratch, check out our Ultimate quick start guide to streaming poker.

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