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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the titular character says “To be or not to be? That is the question.”

He’s questioning the value of life and asking himself whether it’s worthwhile hanging in there.

Poker players know a thing or two about questioning value, especially when we get down to the river. Should we raise and risk getting shoved on? Or check and potentially miss out on value?

That is one question which PokerStars School tackles this week.


  • A river decision: To raise or not to raise?
  • Hand Reading for Beginners – When to Fold a Bluff Catcher
  • Win your share of $8,000 in MicroMillions tickets in our exclusive freeroll!

A river decision: To raise or not to raise?

PokerStars School’s Dave Roemer walks us through a hand he played in a 200NL full-ring game.

“I played an interesting hand the other day that provides a nice example of how player’s actions imply things about their ranges that we can use to improve our decision making, and perhaps earn more profit with winners or save ourselves some of our losses when beat,” he writes.

“These are concepts many readers will have been exposed to before, but sometimes in the heat of battle we lose sight of them.”

Check out ‘A river decision: To raise or not to raise?’

Hand Reading for Beginners – When to Fold a Bluff Catcher

poker chips

Last week PokerStars School’s Pete Clarke looked at scenarios in which your hand becomes a bluff catcher.

This time around, he’s focusing on when you should let that bluff catcher go.

“We defined bluff catchers as hands that lose to all of the Villain’s value bets and beat all of his bluffs. We noted that we always have a bluff catcher with a medium-strength hand facing aggressive lines unless the Villain is a weaker player who does not understand how to bet with a polarised range.

“Today we are going to assume that our opponent is competent and betting multiple streets only with a polarised range containing value hands, which beat us, and bluffs, which we beat.”

Read ‘Hand Reading for Beginners – When to Fold a Bluff Catcher’ here.

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