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If you were to buy into every event that took place on this PokerStars Championship schedule without cashing once, that’s going to make your trip very expensive indeed.

We all understand how variance works; even the best players are going to brick a bunch of tournaments from time to time. But if you had one more shot at getting out of the red and back into the black, wouldn’t you take it?

You better believe you would. And so too would most of the High Rollers here in Macau.

PSC Macau_Velli-642_Philipp Gruissem copy.jpg

A Gruissem week for some

One last chance

Yesterday saw the start of a tournament known as the “trip saver”. It’s a HK$100K event here in Macau, but elsewhere it’s usually a $10K buy-in. We might not cover it here on the PokerStars Blog, but trust us; many wallets have been saved by getting a big cash in it over the years, and today should be no exception.

Right now, there are 13 players remaining in the trip saver here in Macau. They include Philipp Gruissem, Rafael Moraes, Louis Salter, and Sam Greenwood – all of whom have either minimal cashes or none at all for this trip. Therefore, a big score here would reimburse their investments.

Arguably the man who needs to win here today the most is Yu Liang, who fired an incredible five bullets into the HK$400K Super High Roller and left empty handed.

NEIL9240_Yu_Liang_PCP2017_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Liang’s in the red

There’s plenty of money to be won. A total of 46 entries created a HK$4.46 million prize pool, which pays the top six players.

Position Prize (HK$)
1 1,515,000
2 1,050,000
3 670,000
4 515,000
5 400,000
6 312,000

No saving needed

Then again, not everyone has had a bad week. Take Super High Roller winner Steve O’Dwyer, for example. He won over a million US dollars back on Monday, so he’s just looking to bolster his profits even further.

The same can be said for Oliver Weis, Mikita Badziakouski, Timothy Adams, and Jack Salter. They’ve all had big scores here this week and so don’t need their trips to be saved.

Weis won a HK$200K event for HK$3.13 million, in which Badziakouski came second for HK$2.165 million. Timothy Adams finished fourth in that event too for HK$1.06 million, while Salter came third in another big buy-in event for HK$1.7 million.

We’ll be finding out who wins later today.

Jack Stanton is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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