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10:10pm: Break time
The remaining players are heading on a 10-minute break and registration will close during this break.

Join us after the break in a new post.

10:00pm: Vamplew six-bet shoves and wins
Following an under-the-gun raise to 750, Carlos Chang three-bet next to act to 2,075. With the action on David Vamplew in the cutoff, he slid out a four-bet totaling 4,500 to force the blinds and original raiser’s cards into the muck.

Chang paused for a few moments before five-betting 9,200 total only to have Vamplew instantly respond by moving all in for 37,500 total.

Chang went deep into the tank for over four minutes before folding and leaving himself just 12,100 as Vamplew moves to roughly 47,000 in chips.

9:45pm: Three seats for three Australians
With late registration ended at the completion of this level, a few late entrants have taken their seats.

Australians Jarred Graham, Billy “The Croc” Argyros and Emanuel Seal have all joined the field – with the latter two drawing the same table.

9:35pm: Mariakis slips
Michael Mariakis opened to 625 and found one caller in late position as the dealer spread a 3Q8 flop. Mariakis check-called a 1,025-chip bet as the 7 landed on the turn and his opponent barreled again; this time for 3,025.

Mariakis paused for a few moments and then folded his hand to slip to 17,600 in chips.

9:25pm: Wong walking tall
With roughly 4,000 in the middle and the flop reading KJ3, Ken Wong continued on the button with a bet only to have his opponent in the cutoff check-raise to 6,050.

Wong made the call as the 6 landed on the turn and his opponent pushed out 9,000. Wong thought for close to two minutes before announcing he was all in as his opponent quickly made the call for his tournament life and remaining roughly 13,000.

Wong: AA
Opponent: KJ

With Wong trailing, he still had 14 outs with any diamond (but not the king), any ace, five or three, and when the dealer delivered the 5 on the river, it would ensure him the elimination as he sent his opponent to the rail with a rivered flush while moving to roughly 63,000 in chips.

Ken Wong takes chip lead with rivered flush

9:10pm: Level up, blinds 150/300, ante 25

9:00pm: Chan rivers ace to take lead
On a board of 4387 with around 7,200 in the middle, Johnny Chan was confronted with a bet of 3,800 from his lone opponent out of the blinds.

Chan shuffled chips and deliberated for several minutes before making the call as the A landed on the river. Chan’s opponent tossed in 6,000 and Chan leaned back in his chair before collapsing back of his stack to eye what he had left.

Eventually Chan made the call, and when his opponent tabled his QQ, he breathed a sigh of relief and tabled his A2 for a rivered bigger pair t take the pot and move to roughly 57,000 – good for the chip lead by our accounts.

8:50pm: Mariakis victim?
Following a raise from the button to 900, Michael Mariakis three-bet the small blind to 2,100. After some hesitation, his opponent made the call as the dealer dropped a Q1010 flop.

The player on the button tapped the table indicating a check to which Mariakis responded, “I’m first to act, you’re the button.”

With the dealer acknowledging that the button player had acted out of turn, Mariakis pushed out a bet of 2,100. The button raised to 5,200 and Mariakis quipped, “can he do that?”

Believing that the button player was forced only to call or fold, the Tournament Director was called over and ruled that the raise would stand.

“Very, very dirty play there!” angrily stated Mariakis before kicking his cards to the muck and slipping to 11,500.

8:40pm: Chan arrives and sends one home
Johnny Chan has taken his seat in today’s flight … and immediately got to work by building a stack courtesy of eliminating a recent player.

Chan then proceeded to collect a few more pots as a table broke and PokerStars Team Asia Pro joined Chan’s table with a stack much smaller than the one Chan currently sits behind.

8:25pm: Guzzardi releases
Michael Guzzardi opened under the gun to 600 and was called in two spots; the cutoff and small blind.

The Australian continued for 1,100 on the Q109 flop with only the cutoff calling as the 8 landed on the turn. Guzzardi checked and his opponent tossed in 2,700 to see Guzzardi push his cards to the muck while slipping to 13,350 in chips.

8:10pm: Francis and Tan fall
Unfortunately Jay Tan was recently eliminated from the tournament. She began this recent level, but as we were passing around the room to grab chip counts she was spotted heading to her fiance Ken Wong to impart the elimination details.

Also New Zealand’s Daniel Francis is no longer in the tournament.


8:15pm: Fan and Vamplew leading
A quick walk around the poker room sees two notables leading the field with Terry Fan and David Vamplew sitting with 51,500 and 44,200 respectively.

PokerStars Team Asia Pros Raymond Wu and Celina Lin sit with 17,000 and 11,000 each while the rest of the chip counts can be found on the chip count page here.

8:10pm: Level underway
The cards are now back in the air here for Day 1a and the rumor is that 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Chan is set to join the field this level.

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