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We thought the action was fast fierce during the annual IndyCar Carnival hosted on the Gold Coast each November … just 56 players are still in contention for the first ANZPT Queensland title.

In the final stages of day two, the hopes of Emad Tahtouh capturing his first major title on home soil have evaporated after a torrid session at table nine

The Team Australia Pro has finally won his battle of wits with day 1B chip leader Craig Duffy when the Queensland’s A-7 failed to connect against Tahtouh’s pocket nines.

But his charge up the chip count was halted when he picked the wrong spot to tackle Sydney’s Scott Smith. It was Tahtouh’s J J against the A A of Smith, with a board of K 8 10 7 8 sending Smith above 200,000 and Tahtouh off in search of a menu. Smith had earlier ended the tournament of Ricky Kroesen when his kings held up against the A-K of the PokerStars Qualifier.


Scott “Punty” Smith claimed the scalp of Team Australia Pro Emad Tahtouh

The tournament is also over for Tasmania’s finest, Heath Chick. The ANZPT Melbourne second-place finisher also found an opponent – Dan Magro – holding the rockets while Chick’s pocket 10s needed help. The board of 9 4 9 J 6 missed both players, and Chick was out.

• At Treasury, Landon Blackhall reports that the two remaining PokerStars Team Australia pros playing in Brisbane have been eliminated in quick succession during the closing stages of day two at Treasury Casino.

Grant Levy was first to go, after shoving the last of his short stack into the middle with pocket fives, and found himself racing an opponent’s A-10. The flop of J-J-10 put the opponent in the lead and it stayed that way as the board bricked out.


Grant Levy (right, pictured earlier today with ANZPT Melbourne champion Chris Levick) has been eliminated

Tony Hachem is still pacing around the room, cursing and lamenting over what might have been after being eliminated at the hands of PokerStars Qualifier Tom Zhou. Moving all in for 26,500 with pocket fives, Zhou snap-called with Q 8.

“Yes, I’ve got two overs,” Zhou shouted, happy to be in a race situation. Hachem shot him a nasty look, but was ecstatic to see a flop of 6 K 2; his chances of cashing in all five ANZPT events still alive. That mood turned sour quickly on the turn of 8, giving Zhou the lead.

“Give me a five,” Hachem screamed to the dealer. She calmly turned over the 10; double the amount of pips that the ANZPT Overall Points champion needed.

Approximate chip count after level 12

Danny Joukhadar 291,000 (Gold Coast)
Stewart Scott 265,000 (Gold Coast) PokerStars Qualifier
Scott Kerr 220,000 (Brisbane) PokerStars Qualifier
Scott Smith 197,000 (Gold Coast)
Lee Fraser 175,000 (Brisbane) PokerStars Qualifier
Paul Gibson 130,000 (Brisbane)
Barry Craig 125,000 (Brisbane) PokerStars Qualifier
Daniel Neilson 118,000 (Gold Coast)
Tom Zhou 115,000 (Brisbane)
Tim Clarke 110,000 (Brisbane) PokerStars Qualifier
Phillip Wilcocks 100,000 (Gold Coast) PokerStars Qualifier

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