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It seems we’ve hit a bit of a snag. Up until this point, the ANZPT Perth Main Event has rolled along swimmingly but now with three tables remaining, play ground to a bit of a halt.

The table dynamics are definitely contributing to the issue. Many of the more experienced professionals are stuck on the one table trying to duke it out against each other. They are being forced to watch their step very carefully with few spots for them to flex their muscle.

The other reason for the lack of recent eliminations is due to the short stacks finding a couple of remarkable double ups.

Lorinda Johnson’s tournament was on the line with 109 for a flush and inside straight draw, but in the end she didn’t even need to hit as David Lim called with 45 for a bare open-ended straight draw. The river bricked and Johnson had doubled with just ten-high!

Ricky Kroesen was next to find some good fortune when he was all in with pocket jacks against Patrick Mahoney’s ace-queen. The flop of 10AK would see Mahoney take the lead with a pair of aces. The 6 turn changed nothing but the Q river saved Kroesen’s tournament with a spectacular straight on the river.


Moments later Mahoney would hurt again when he tangled with Justin Walch on a flop of 96J. Walch shoved with AJ for top pair, top kicker, but Mahoney called and tabled a monter draw with Q10 for an open-ended straight flush draw. Mahoney had a tonne of outs but suffered from the old “too many outs syndrome” when the 6 turn and J river completed the board.

With ANZPT Auckland champ David Lim recently bowing out in 21st place followed by WSOP APAC bracelet winner Aaron Lim, it leaves us with 19 players remaining. We’re still a long way from the final table of nine, so there has been talk of having to take a dinner break. I asked our official PokerStars dinner break consultant Joshua Bell for his thoughts on the matter.

“If we take a dinner break, I’m leaving the country,” said Bell in a blatant attempt to be unnecessarily controversial.


Whatever happens, it looks like our run of short days is coming to an end as we inch towards the final table. Those in best shape to make a run into Day 4 include Stephen Woodhead, Scott Davies and Justin Walch.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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