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If there was a leaderboard for winning the most “all-ins” the winner would be Vesko Zmukic. He had the lives of at least two cats today as he continually survived whatever his opponents threw at him.


Following the elimination of Justin Walch in ninth place, Zmukic landed a double up with K5 against Fazzino’s 42. It sounds like two strange hands, but Zmukic was down to just two big blinds and Fazzino called no look from the big blind.

Zmukic used up another life when his 36 rivered a straight against Matt Rolfe’s AJ, but that would be as far as Zmukic would progress.

In a battle of the blinds, Patrick Mahoney moved all in from the small blind and Zmukic called off around 200,000 chips with A9 in the big blind. Mahoney tabled JJ. The board bricked out 10K85Q to see the likeable local out in eighth place for $16,400 in prize money.

While Zmukic rode his luck, lady fortune was not on the side of Paul Murray today.

Entering the day as our chip leader, Murray clashed with American Scott Davies on a flop of 856. Murray tabled pocket sixes but Davies had pocket eights for a huge set over set cooler! Davies collected the pot worth 1.8 million as Murray was down but not out.

Unfortunately his luck didn’t get any better.

A short time later, Murray had Dean Blatt in a bad spot when Murray’s pocket jacks were up against Blatt’s pocket tens. The first four community cards were blanks but a perfect ten on the river for Blatt would give him the double up to cripple Murray’s tournament hopes.

Murray was down to just 50,000 in chips and threw them into the middle moments later against two players, but when the board ran out with four clubs, Dean Blatt tabled the A for the nut flush to end the tournament of our overnight chip leader. A luckless Murray takes home $20,500 for his efforts.


The chips are all heading the way of the Americans with Scott Davies and Patrick Mahoney holding the majority of chips in play. Davies has 1.9 million and Mahoney has 1.4 million with the four Aussies doing their best to survive the onslaught.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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