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It’s still very early on Day 3 of this ANZPT Melbourne Main Event but that hasn’t stopped players flying out the doors.

The action dramatically slowed down last night as the money bubble approached and we’re seeing the effects of that here today. We’ve already lost a third of today’s 63 entrants as we play down to a final seven.

Aussie Millions reigning champion Manny Stavropoulos is one of the biggest benefactors of the early exits. He knocked out both Liam O’Rourke and Chia-Chang Ku in the early stages. It was back-to-back flips that went the way of Stavropoulos to see him chip up and take the two players out.

The first one saw O’Rourke with A8 against Stavropoulos’s 77 and O’Rourke couldn’t improve on the K62102 run out. Not long after Stavropoulos had the overcards with KQ versus Ku’s 99 and found a queen as the dealer fanned out 3Q1027 to eliminate Ku. With those two hands Stavropoulos climbs to around 400,000 in chips and finds himself in the current top ten.


One of the frontrunners – Manny Stavropoulos
While Stavropoulos continues to build, it’s Peter Matusik now leading the way. He started the day seventh in chips with 373,000 and has been on a heater today – now sitting in the top spot with 745,000. The last big pot that went his way saw him clash with current second-in-chips Mario Doria and eliminate John Haddad.

Haddad pushed all in for his last 48,000 and Doria made the call from the hijack. Next to act Matusik put in a raise to 200,000 and sent Doria into the tank. Ultimately Doria tossed his hand away and the other two players tabled their cards.

Matusik: AA
Haddad: AQ

Matusik had a stranglehold on the hand but the 69Q flop gave Haddad some hope. The 2 turn brought also brought a flush draw but the 5 river bricked off to send Haddad to the rail. That elimination brought Matusik up to 745,000 in chips and he now sits comfortably ahead of the pack.

peter matusik.jpg

Current chip leader – Peter Matusik
Play has now slowed down slightly as the average chip stack has evened out to around 35 big blinds. Only 37 remain so play will conclude after another 30 players hit the rail. Stay with us as we follow all the action from Day 3 of the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event!

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