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What a day!

The plan going into today was to play down to the money but as the action slowed down when the bubble approached, the call was made that we wouldn’t play more than eight levels regardless.

The bubble was reached with 36 minutes left of that level and the sweat for a $3,200 return began. It was hand-for-hand and players were out of their seats in between the action in a bid to scope how things were developing on other tables.

It would take only 20 minutes for the bubble to burst when a cooler was dealt on Table 28. Minh Nguyen opened the action to 10,000 and Kenn Langcake next to act popped it up to 25,000. It folded back around to Nguyen who pushed all in for roughly 100,000 and Langcake called to put him at risk. Players had to wait to reveal their hands as per hand-for-hand play and when they were given the greenlight to put the cards on their backs Nguyen saw the bad news.

Nguyen: KK
Langcake: AA

Nguyen was chasing a king to avoid bubbling but he couldn’t find one as the crowd gathered around and the dealer fanned out the Q5452 board. He would finish 64th just off the cash and the hand would see Langcake sneak through as the end of day chip leader with 440,500.

Kenn Langcake.jpg

Current chip leader Kenn Langcake
Joining Langcake with a return tomorrow will be Team PokerStars Pro Chen-an Lin on a stack of 238,500, and previous ANZPT Sydney champion Jim Psaros with 277,500 in play. Also coming back for Day 3 are Hall of Famer Leo Boxell’s son Danny (88,000), Van Marcus (239,500), Liam O’Rourke (44,500), Rory Young (32,500), and reigning Aussie Millions Main Event champion Manny Stavropoulos (186,000).

While the lucky few rest up before the action tomorrow, for some it was a different story. There were a whole horde of eliminations today as 178 number fell short of securing a payday. ANZPT Player of the Year current point leader Raiden Kan found the exit, as did APOY hopefuls Stevan Chew, Anthony Legg and James Rann. Familiar faces Joe Hachem, Tony Hachem, Jackie Glazier and Tino Lechich were also eliminated this afternoon.

raiden kan.jpg

Leader on the ANZPT POY leaderboard Raiden Kain
ANZPT7 Melbourne Top Ten Chips Counts
Kenn Langcake (Australia) – 440,500
Mario Doria (Australia) – 422,000
Samuel Higgs (Australia) – 416,500
Hyeong Wook Choi (South Korea) – 401,500
Peter Matusik (Australia) – 373,000
Ricardo Jardim (Australia) – 330,000
Josh Spooner (Australia) – 329,000
Mark Schmelcher (Australia) – 292,000
Ivan Zalac (Australia) – 280,000
Jim Psaros (Australia) – 277,500

Now there are only 63 still left in the hunt for the last-ever ANZPT Main Event title and the record $261,200 first place prize. Players have ensured themselves at least $3,200 but it’s still a long road ahead to the top spot.

We’ll be back here at Crown Melbourne tomorrow from 12:30pm as Day 3 begins. Be sure to join us as we play down until our final seven players. Stay tuned!

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