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If you’ve played at all on the Australian poker circuit, chances are at some point you’ve run into Australian Hall of Famer Leo Boxell.

‘The Mechanic’ as he’s also known, Boxell has a poker resume dating back to the nineties. And to say that resume is impressive really wouldn’t be doing him justice.

With four Aussie Millions gold rings, three Aussie Millions Main Event final table appearances, three APPT final tables and an APPT title among his over 1.3 million dollars worth of live scores it’s easy to see why Boxell was inducted into the Australian Poker Hall of Fame back in 2012.

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Australian Poker Hall of Famer – Leo Boxell
He was set to take a seat this week after satelliting his way into the Main Event, but a bad knee meant that Boxell couldn’t sit down for more than ten minutes at a time. While this bad fortune meant ‘The Mechanic’ wouldn’t have a shot at the last ANZPT title, it opened the door for his son Danny to step in.

Danny Boxell only has two live cashes to his name, the last of which dates back to 2011, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting on a show here in the Main Event. It looks like poker ability could be genetic as Danny started Day 2 third in chips with 107,100 and has already accumulated more this afternoon.

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Making waves this week – Danny Boxell
One of the first critical pots propelling the younger Boxell to his current chip position came yesterday during Level 4. Holding king-nine he lead out on a nine-high flop and after two callers, a third player moved all in for 20,000 in chips. Danny made the call and with the other two out of the way he discovered he was up against two overcards and a flush draw. He would ultimately fade danger and scoop the pot for a stack of 70,000.

While we missed the action on another crucial spot that Danny found himself in, his father was nice enough to fill us in on the details. Leo said it looked like his son was in trouble after finding himself part of a three-way all in with pocket kings against pocket nines and pocket aces. Chasing a king to stay alive he found one when the board ran out and tripled up to keep his tournament run alive.

With his Hall of Famer father here supporting him and with one of the big chip stacks maybe Danny Boxell can follow in his father’s footsteps this week. We’ll be watching to see if he can make it to the money tonight and push on to the final table to chase that $261,200 first place prize!


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