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The ANZPT Main Event has well and truly stolen the attention here at Crown Melbourne this week, but something else that’s been the cause for commotion is the cash game royal flush jackpot.

The jackpot payout increases with every hand played and to win it a player must flop a royal flush. It may be a long shot but that just means the jackpot can creep up to huge amounts of money, and with how many hands that players see in the poker room, the jackpot is never that far away from going off.

That’s exactly what we found out this week.


As the players in the Main Event chased the $261,200 top prize, the cash game players across the floor were also after a big chunk of change themselves. The jackpot had recently ticked over the $70,000 mark and every player at the cash tables had a chance of taking it home.

The one who ultimately did though was Mark Woodhouse after he flopped a royal flush holding J10. He was on a $1/3 table where the maximum buy-in is $200 yet walked away with $73,680 in his pocket.

mark woodhouse.jpg

With the jackpot rolling back it was expected to be a while before someone would win it again. That was until only 14 hours later when Geoffrey McLachlan was able to snatch a five-figure payday.

“Would you believe……….JACKPOT!!!!! Just 14 hours after Mark W. collected over $73K, Geoffrey McLachlan from Queensland just flopped a Royal Flush and scored $16,353. Geoffrey declined a photo, however he is now signing autographs at the Vegas Bar!!” came the Facebook status from the Crown Poker page this afternoon.

Before these two both won the jackpot within the same 24-hour period, it was only nine days prior that the biggest bonus to date was awarded. Crown Poker regular Vincent ‘Wonky’ Wan turned his royal flush into a monstrous $104,564!

After all the recent payouts the jackpot has rolled back and now sits at around $3,000 – but with the poker room bustling and Crown announcing they’re running the jackpot indefinitely – we’re sure it’ll climb to another huge sum soon.

While the cash players across the room try their luck at winning the jackpot, for the remaining 18 players in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event it’s back to the action. Stay with us as we follow the exciting conclusion to Day 3!

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