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Well it didn’t take too long to see our first final table casualty here. Mile Krstanoski found the rail first in today’s proceedings at the hands on Lin Shi. The action began with Shi opening to 65,000 from middle position and when it folded around to Krstanoski on the button, he pushed his last 455,000 into the middle. The players in the blinds threw their hands away and Shi called it off to put Krstanoski at risk. Krstanoski: QQ Shi: AK It was a flip with Krstanoski trying to dodge an ace or king to stay alive. The AJK saw him lose the lead but meant he could still peel a queen for a set or a ten to make Broadway. The 8 turn and 2 river bricked off and Krstanoski headed to the exit in ninth place. He collects $19,120 for his efforts. Shadow elimination.JPG

9th place – Mile Krstanoski
Following Krstanoski out the door almost an hour later was George Balandinos. After taking a hit in a recent hand with king queen against pocket aces, Balandinos found himself all in for his final 370,000 after jamming from the hijack. Peter Matusik made the call from the button and with the other players out of the way, the two tabled their cards. Balandinos: 88 Matusik: 99 Balandinos was in trouble and things only got worse as the 952 flop saw Matusik spike top set. Needing running straight cards to stay alive Balandinos couldn’t catch them as the Q turn and A river landed. For his eight place finish Balandinos pockets $26,650. George elimination.jpg

8th place – George Balandinos
And our latest evictee was met with elimination shortly after when New Zealander Carl Knox earned himself a seventh place score. After losing a big flip with pocket nines to Nikolce Trajkovski’s ace-ten suited just prior, Knox got his last two big blinds into the middle. Both Peter Matusik and Lin Shi called from the blinds before the cards went on their backs. Knox: KQ Matusik: J10 Shi: 87 The two players still with chips quickly checked down on a board of 382A6 and Knox was presented with the bad news. Shi had flopped an eight which was good enough to eliminate Knox in seventh place for $34,650. Knox elimination.jpg

7th place – Carl Knox
That’s the action so far this afternoon. It’s been a fast-paced start and we’ll see if it stays that way or if things slow down as players approach the podium. Stay with us!

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