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And then there were three!

It’s been five hours since play began today and now we’ve reached our final three.

After the first three players found the rail in quick succession, Erich Stadler was next to go when he was eliminated in sixth place. Stadler moved all in for his last 340,000 in chips from the hijack and Manny Stavropoulos would call off the shortstack from the big blind.

Stadler: AK
Stavropoulos: A6

Stadler was in great shape to double up and avoided danger through the 78Q flop. The turn, however, landed the 6 as Stadler dropped his head into his hands. With only a king able to save him it wasn’t to be as the 5 river arrived sealing his fate. For his sixth place finish Stadler picks up $45,305.

Stadler elimination.jpg

6th place – Erich Stadler
Fifth place would go to Kenn Langcake after a cooler found him searching for an ace to stay alive. After an under the gun open from Stavropoulos, Langcake moved all in for 670,000 from the cutoff. Peter Matusik called to put him at risk and Stavropoulos got out of the way.

Langcake: AK
Matusik: KK

The 710J flop gave Langcake some extra outs with a Broadway draw but the 4 turn and 6 river would see Matusik hold and Langcake hit the rail. For his fifth place finish Langcake scores himself $55,965.

Langcake elimination.jpg

5th place – Kenn Langcake
Play slowed down dramatically at this point as everyone tightened approaching the top three spots. It would take more than a full 75-minute level before another player would hit the rail. That was Nikolce Trajkovski who ended up in fourth place for a healthy $71,960 payday.

In the hand that saw him eliminated, Trajkovski found himself all in for his last 200,000 in chips after calling for his tournament life in the big blind from Shi’s small blind jam.

Trajkovski: A7
Shi: 98

The call proved good and Trajkovski was looking set for a double up as the board came down 23JJ. Only needing to fade an eight or nine on the river he couldn’t do it as the dealer turned up the 8 and Trajkovski headed to the exit in fourth place.

Trajkovski elimination.jpg

4th place – Nikolce Trajkovski
So now there are only three left in the hunt for the ANZPT7 Melbourne title and the $261,200 first place prize. Who will navigate their way past the other remaining two players and emerge victorious here tonight? Stay with us as we find out!

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