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Summer Down Under. Intense and unforgiving.

The poker room here at Crown Perth this week is full of players adorning hats and sunglasses. While they might be using them in an attempt to hide tells and find an extra edge on the felt, they also offer a great reminder to slip slop slap in the Perth heat.


The ANZPT is heating up in Perth

A reminder myself and fellow blogging colleague Joshua Bell wish we had received yesterday before the ANZPT Perth Main Event began. With a 7pm start, we thought a stroll closer to the city to grab some lunch would be a perfect way to spend the day.

As Melbourne locals, used to a milder climate, we soon discovered how relentless the heat out west could be. Walking outside from the air conditioned Crown Metropol we were immediately assaulted by the summer sun.

Heading through a nearby park and past an outdoor cinema, we maneuvered our way along an improvised route, utilizing the shade of every tree we could find for some respite from the punishment.

Realising we were ill-prepared, the two of us stumbled into the first convenience store we could find after crossing the Swan River. Four bottles of water, two Gatorades and a tube of sunscreen later and we were on our way again.

Back from the brink of death after excessive hydration, we continued through East Perth, with building cover from the Sun a godsend. After finding a nice café we grabbed a bite to eat and stocked up on some more fluids.

Before leaving, we debated getting a taxi back, with the casino now four kilometres away. In a moment of simultaneous courage and rampant stupidity, however, we agreed to make the trek.

After what seemed like an eternity, and two cases of heat stroke, Joshua and I finally made it back to Crown Perth. Not only did we learn an important lesson about the weather out west, but we gained an unparalleled appreciation for air conditioning, and a new found adoration for hotel mini bars.

We had time for a nap as the sunburn set in before we were back in the poker room for the first flight of the Main Event Day 1 last night.

Today, meanwhile, sees Day 1b in full swing, and players out of the heat as they contend for the first ANZPT Main Event title of the year.

With a quick count around the room it looks like 10 hats and 10 pairs of sunglasses among today’s field.


One player sporting a hat and sunglasses at the table

The players might be able to hide a few tells on the felt, and protect themselves from the Perth weather when they step away from the action this week. Despite the heat, we’ll be covering the ANZPT Main Event live from the poker room. Stay tuned to the PokerStarsBlog for all the updates and stories right here!

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