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The bubble.

The one spot that separates the winners from the losers.

Here at the ANZPT Perth, the atmosphere in the room suddenly seems a lot more relaxed as our bubble boy just hit the rail.

Andrew Molodstov was the unfortunate fellow, just missing out on a $3,900 payout and a shot at the $105,000 top prize.


The bubble boy, Andrew Molodstov

In the hand that saw him eliminated, he opened the action to 15,000 from under the gun. Phil Sayers smooth-called from middle position, before Michael Guzzardi next to act asked for a count of Molodstov’s chips. He then popped it up to 30,000 total.

Molodstov, having already put around a third of his stack in the middle, he was visibly troubled by his predicament. He removed his sunglasses and scrunched up his face, going deep into the tank.

After a few minutes of deliberating he looked at the dealer and announced “All in”. It was then Sayers’ turn to ponder a decision. Studying Guzzardi and showing his hand to the rail, he eventually tossed his cards in the muck.

Guzzardi made the call for a little more with AK and it was a flip for the title of bubble boy, with Molodstov tabling JJ.

The flop of 239 was safe for Molodstov, and with the turn 7 he was looking good for a double up. It was the river, however, the A that dealt the death knell for Molodstov as our ANZPT Perth Main Event bubble burst.

Sayers told the table he folded queens and Guzzardi stacked his winnings as the remaining 21 players celebrated making it into the money.

Guzzardi is now one of the chip bosses as we edge closer to the final table. Team PokerStars pro Bryan Huang and Italian pro Walter Treccarichi two others who are leading the way.
As Guzzardi’s stack continued to climb, he actually had to organize booking a room to stay tonight. He only made reservations for the last couple of days but with his dominant position in the field he looks certain to return tomorrow.


Michael Guzzardi dominating on Day 3

The bubble bursting may have relieved some of the pressure on the remaining players, but it’s still a fierce competition here as they battle down to a final table. Follow along on the PokerStarsBlog to keep up to date with everything from the ANZPT Perth Main Event.

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