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By James Potter and Eliot James

Within 30 minutes of play today we have lost both our 11th and 10th placed players, Edward Holdcroft and Eric Mutrie.

Holdcroft, who started the day as one of our big stacks on 297k, was eliminated early after open-raising in middle position and facing an 85k re-raise from chip leader Luke Stanford. Holdcroft called the re-raise and both players saw a 9 high flop. Holdcroft open jammed his last 150k and was snap called by Stanford. Holdcroft rolled queens as Stanford flipped over Aces. No help came for Holdcroft and Stanford scooped the biggest pot of the tournament and rocketed to over 800k in chips. Standford holds over a quarter of the chips in play heading into the final table.

Edward Holdcroft.jpg
First player eliminated on Day 3, Edward Holdcroft.

Mutrie followed less than an orbit later. After being short-stacked, Mutrie called all-in from the small blind for 12k after Dan Sing opened to 16k. Michael Mariakis in the big blind called and three players saw the flop of 6h-3h-Kh. Mariakis led out for 20k and Sing folded. Cards were turned and Mariakis’ Ks-7s left Mutrie’s 2s-4s in need of a 5 which never came.

The final table bubble has burst with Eric Mutrie the player missing out on a spot.

Play has stopped for 30 minutes here as we take an opportunity to talk to the players on the final table and make preparations for the final battle. We will be bringing you constant updates throughout the final table as the players battle it out for a quarter of a million for first place here at the APPT Auckland Main Event.

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