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Dinh Le’s play has been the highlight of the APPT Macau: Asian Poker Open final table. The English-based Vietnamese-born player has been the enigma of this $2500 buy-in main event.

He carefully considers every act but when he makes his move, it’s done with real authority: like a Big Cat pouncing on its prey.

The 27-year-old is slowly becoming comfortable with the media coverage being afforded his new-found fame as a key player in the poker history that’s unfolding here in Macau as the race to crown the first tournament poker champion in the history of the People’s Republic of China gets down to eight players.

Hand 33: ElkY Grospellier

Button: Kim (seat 8) – ElkY pops it up to 45,000 and takes the last pot before players head out for a 10-minute break. When we return, play will be at level 22 (10,000/20,000 with 3000 ante).

Hand 32: Sangkyoun Kim

Button: Patry (seat 7) – Sangkyoun Kim raises to 120,000 after Patry’s initial pop to 45,000 and scoops it up.

Hand 31: Ivan Tan

Button: Le (seat 6) – Tan raises an extra 35,000 under the gun and Dinh Le calls from the big blind. The flop reads 8h 2h 4c; Tan bets 80,000 and Dinh Le shows the Ac before folding.

Hand 30: Dinh Le

Button: Hachem (seat 5) – First to act, Kim raises to 40,000 and gets calls from Dinh Le and Patry in the blinds. The flop is 6d 10s 5s; Dinh bets 50,000, Patry calls and Kim folds. The 10c hits on the turn; Dinh checks, Patry bets 120,000, Dinh reraises the minimum and Patry calls. The river is 5c; and Dinh’s last bet of 120,000 is enough to take down a big pot.

Hand 29: Dinh Le

Button: ElkY (seat 4) – Action folds around to Hachem in the small blind; he calls, Dinh Le raises 40,000 and Hachem folds.

Hand 28: William Tam

Button: Tam (seat 3) – Tam raises to 45,000, ElkY pushes all-in from the small blind, Hachem folds and Tam calls. He’s well behind with Ac Qh against ElkY’s Ah Kh. But the flop hits (Qs Ad 4d) is great for Tam; the turn is 6s and the river 3s, allowing the Queenslander to double through.

Hand 27: Guillaume Patry

Button: Lieu (seat 2) – Patry raises to 45,000 and snares the blinds and antes.

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