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They’ve played a little over an hour here at the Asia Championship of Poker Main Event final table, during which stretch we’ve seen start-of-final-table leader Michael Kanaan’s stack fall under 1 million, with Xing Zhou making a move upwards and into first position.

Zhou now sits with about 1.1 million chips halfway through Level 21 (6,000/12,000/1,500), with Kanaan having slipped back down to a little over 800,000.


Xing Zhou

Zaicik, Sass back in business

Jacques Zaicik and Alan Sass began the day with the two shortest stacks at the final table, but both have managed double-ups, with Henry Wang being the unfortunate opponent in both cases.

Zaicik’s double came on just the second hand of the day. Following a Tsugunari Toma open from middle position, three players had called by the time the action reached Zaicik in the big blind. He shoved his stack, and of his opponents only Wang stuck around.

Wang had A9, but Zaicik had woken up with two black aces, and five community cards later had essentially switched stacks with Wang.

A while later Tsugunari Toma had raised from middle position, then Wang shoved all in from the button. Sass called Wang’s reraise from the blinds, and after much thought Toma stepped aside.

Wang had AJ this time, but Sass had woken up with KK. The kings held for Sass, and now he joins Zaicik having climbed up out of the danger zone while Wang has become the table’s short stack.

“High Rollers” day 2 underway

In other news here at the Grand Waldo Exhibition and Conference Centre, the second and last day of the $250,000 (HKD) buy-in “High Rollers” event has begun, with late registration ending just before the start of play today.

A total of 39 entrants ultimately joined the field for the “High Rollers,” with Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier enjoying the chip lead to start play today. It is expected that event will last late into the night, perhaps not ending until the wee hours of Monday morning

Hibuse wins ACOP Ladies event

Speaking of late night poker, the Ladies Asia Championship went deep into the night to finish around 4 a.m. local time last night, with Emi Hibuse of Japan topping a field of 24 entrants to take the title.

Hibuse’s supporters stayed to the end, and thus were on hand to help celebrate her victory.


Emi Hibuse, Ladies Asia Championship winner

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