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• PLAYERS: 41 entries (of 1,364)

3:50am Chip Leaderboard

Play is complete here at City of Dreams, Manila. We have 41 players remaining to take part in the final day’s play. Sebastian Wong (Singapore) has 2,365,000 in his stack and will rule supreme until the cards are dealt tomorrow. The top ten chip counts are below.

Sebastian Wong is the Day 2 Chip Leader


1) Sebastian Wong (Singapore) 2,365,000

2) Kean Wie Tan (Singapore) 2,055,000

=2) Sam Welbourne (UK) 2,055,000

3) Kenny Shih (US) 2,040,000

4) Daero Lee (Korea) 1,990,000

5) Lester Edoc (Phillipines) 1,800,000

6) Zebin Sun (China) 1,775,000

7) Terahisa Aoyama (Japan) 1,740,000

8) Hudson Wong (Malaysia) 1,675,000

9) Markus Garberg (Norway) 1,470,000

10) I Cheng Lin (Taiwan) 1,465, 000


3:16am Tan wins big late

Level 23: 12000/24000, ante 4000

Kean Wie Tan (Singapore) bet out 56k pre-flop just before the button and Jian Hui Giam in the big blind (Singapore) was his only caller. The flop came out as A4J. Giam checked it and Tan fired 56k at the pot. Giam re-raised to 140k only to have Tan come over the top all-in for 365k. Giam thought really hard about it, then called showing 86. Tan flipped up A7. the turn was a J and the river a 4. The flush draw not playing out for Giam, Tan’s pair of aces getting the job done.

3am Five tables remaining

Level 23: 12000/24000, ante 4000

With only 45 players and twenty minutes remaining the screws have tightened considerably. Most hands are ending with large re-raises that stop any action occurring. An example is Yuan Chao Li, who tanked for over 5 minutes when his opponent re-raised his 74k bet to 180k. Thinking, thinking, thinking…fold

2:38am Zhang vs Garberg

Level 23: 12000/24000, ante 4000

Bin Zhang (China) in the big blind called Markus Garberg’s (Norway) raise of 60k. The dealer laid out 1057. Zhang checked it and Garberg bet 65k. Zhang called. The turn was a repeat dose, it came out 5. Zhang checked, Garberg fired 125k, Zhang called. The river was a J. It went check – check. Zhang showed K5, Garberg sighed and threw his hole cards away.


2:11am Kenny Shih with the win

Level 22: 10000/20000, ante 3000

Wilson Lim (Singapore) in the small blind checked a flop that read 739. Kenny Shih (Taiwan) bet 60k at it and Lim called. The turn came out a 7. Lim checked it, Shih bet again, 150k on this occasion. Lim called. The river popped out a 9. It went check – check. Lim showing AK, but Shih having him beat with 33. A handy pot to pick up with 5 tables left.

Wilson Lim survives

1:51am Wong shoves

Level 22: 10000/20000, ante 3000

Hudson Wong (Malaysia) has been the most animated player out there tonight. He’s been treading water for a few hours with a smallish stack but he just got it in good with 1010, pushing his 670k all-in. Shan Hui Chua (Singapore) was the sole caller with his AK. Wong yelled ‘No gamble, no win!’ and the dealer ran them out 89424. A sweet double-up for Wong late in the game.

1:26am Lee shoves

Level 22: 10000/20000, ante 3000

Calvin Tan (Singapore) bet 50k. Siyoung Lee in the big blind made the call. After dealing the felt read K79. Lee checked it and Tan fired again. 80k this time. Lee moved all-in. Tan called. Lee was in a good spot with K9. Two pair. Tan showed A3. Lee well in front. The turn came a 2, the river a 10. Lee survives.

Calvin Tan hanging tough late on Day 2

1:12am Chip Leader

Level 22: 10000/20000, ante 3000

Markus Garberg (Norway) is our chip leader right now. He has close to 2 million in front of him. Average stack is 694,000

1:04am Quan vs Bruni

Level 21: 8000/16000, ante 2000

Sebastian Wong Wei Quan (Singapore) in the small blind bet 55k at a flop that showed QJ6. After a fold in front of him, Sandro Bruni shoved his 250k into the middle. Quan called. Bruni showed K10, Quan Q10. The turn was a J, the river 2. Bruni hits the skids. Quan now has 1.3 million.

12:50am Yuan Chao Li plays tough

Level 21: 8000/16000, ante 2000

Yuan Chao Li (China) was chip leader after day 1a. He’s isn’t near that now, but still has a reasonable stack. Sometimes the most interesting hands occur without a card being dealt. Li led the betting for 30k, the man seated next to him, Tian Son Nguyen (Vietnam) re-raised to 92k. Li then tanked, taking his time to come up with the correct play. He landed on a re-raise of 215k. Which forced Nguyen to turn the think music back on. He couldn’t make a play, and folded. Li claws some back.

12:30am Cao strikes

Level 21: 8000/16000, ante 2000

Ngoc Anh Cao (Vietnam) went all-in over the top of Ravi Priya who’d raised to 120k, a bet double the size of the pot. The board read 5594. Priya couldn’t make the call, and Cao gets some health back into his stack.

12:15am Sun rises

Level 21: 8000/16000, ante 2000

After a few checks ahead of him Zebin Sun (China) fired 50k at a flop that read J83. Yvo Molin re-raised to 150k in the small blind, Sun called. The turn slammed down a 10, Molin bet 300k and Sun quickly shoved for 800k over the top. Molin obviously had some things to consider, which he did, coming up with a fold as his best option. Nice pot for Sun.


11:48pm Chua gets lucky in showdown

Level 20: 6000/12000, ante 2000

Looking at a flop of 479 Shan Hui Chua (Singapore) pushed all in for 71k. He got one interested party in the form of Khanh Ngoc Le (Vietnam). Chua showed KK, Le A9. The dealer laid out A on the turn, Chua yelled ‘Flush!’, and the poker gods obeyed, the river a 5. Chua doubles up.

Anthony Gabitan playing solidly

11:32pm Buck vs Quan

Level 20: 6000/12000, ante 2000

Sebastian Wong Wei Quan (Singapore) bet out 26k and Kenneth Buck (Australia) called on the button. There were no other takers. The flop came out as Q58 . Quan led for 23k and Buck called it. The turn was a A. Check – check. The river came down a 10. Quan fired 50k, Buck called. Bemused Quan turned over 34. Buck showed J10. The ten pairing up on the river enough for Buck to take it down.

11:20pm Molin’s run continues

Level 20: 6000/12000, ante 2000

The Dutchman Yvo Molin is a having purple patch. Ping Hsien Chan (Taiwan) had shoved ahead him, Molin called on the button for 90k and everyone else abandoned ship. Molin showed AQ. Chan had 910. The flop cycled out as 4K546, zero help for Chan who busts. Molin must be challlenging for chip lead now.

11:07pm Patni vs Agarwal

Level 20: 6000/12000, ante 2000

As I came to the table the board read 10KJ109, endless possibilities. There was also around 200k in the pot. Sahil Agarwal (India) checked in the big blind, giving Kunal Patni the opportunity to bet, and he did, 78k. Agarwal spent a long time thinking about his next move, eventually folding his hand. Patni was a happy man.

10:46pm Molin makes his move

Level 19: 5000/10000, ante 1000

On a flop of 746 Yvo Molin (Netherlands) bet 40k and Yudong Yang (China) on the button called. The big blind folded his cards. A 3 shot out on the turn and the Dutchman liked it. Betting 105k, in turn Yang shoved. Molin made the call quickly, showing 33 for trips, whilst Yang showed 810. Yang missed his gutshot draw on the river and Molin raked in Yang’s chips, near 500k. Molin is suddenly in a commanding position. Near 1.3 million in his stack.

Yvo Molin takes out Yudong Yang in a showdown.

10:27pm Aoyama wins a monster pot

Level 19: 5000/10000, ante 1000

Acting first Teruhisa Aoyama bet 105k, En Cheng Hung deliberated and called. This pot was epic from the get-go. Everyone else evaporated. The flop was dealt as Q26. Aoyama bet aggressively again, this time for 84k. Again Hung called. A 10 was laid out on the turn. Ayoama checked it, and this time Hung showed the aggression firing 150k into the pot. Aoyama took his time here. Then quietly said all-in. Aoyama had Hung covered so it was tournament sized call for Hung. He went deep into think mode. So deep that after a reasonable time Aoyama called the clock on him. Hung somehow got off whatever he had in the hole and mucked. Aoyama taking down a 500k pot and possibly the chip lead in the tournament.

10:10pm Big stacks battle?

Sam Welbourne, our chip leader at the dinner break has just been put onto Teruhisa Aoyhama’s table, who was second in chips at the break. Both guys have near a million in their stacks. Fireworks may ensue.

10:07pm Huang Shoves

Level 19: 5000/10000, ante 1000

Jiang Ho Huang (Singapore) bet 66k in the small blind and got one player to go along for the ride, Yves Sy (Philippines). The flop showed 978 and Huang immediately pushed his stack all-in. Sy had a hard think about it but got off his hand. Sweet pot for Huang.

10pm Asaka starts well

Level 19: 5000/10000, ante 1000

Yuka Asaka (Japan) has a stack of near around 650k. Immediately after the break, she bet 30k into a board that read J79Q getting her sole opponent off his hand and getting a little richer.

Note: There will be an extra 60-minute level played tonight due to the large turnout of the tournament.


As we head into the dinner break we have 124 runners remaining. The average stack is 330k. Sam Welbourne (UK) is our chip leader with around 1.1 million to his name. Teruhisa Aoyama (Japan) is nipping at his heels with a little under a million.

8:45pm Li takes down it down

Level 18: 4000/8000, ante 1000

Came across John Nico Costiniano (Philippines) betting 30k into board reading 866Q, there was around 70k in the pot and only one opponent remaining. Xiaolong Li (China) called the bet to see a river card, it came out a 7 and both players checked. Li showing her QK and Costiniano throwing away his cards.

Xiaolong Li took down a nice pot just prior to the dinner break

8:20pm Gavan Busts

Level 17: 3000/6000, ante 1000

Chris Gavan had been a character around the room today. Laughing and joking since the session started. He bet out 17k and Siyoung Lee in big blind made the call. A flop of K34 was laid out. Lee checked it and Gavan bet out 22k. Lee pushed and Gavan called. Lee showed QK whilst Gavan turned over 2K. The turn was a 6 and the river a 3. No joy for Gavan, who was well covered by Lee. Gavan hits the rail.

8pm Bubble Mayhem
Level 17: 3000/6000, ante 1000

Thailand’s Thananat Therdtskoonrat departed in the most unenviable position in poker

Thananat Therdtskoonrat (Thailand) was the unlucky bubble for the Main Event. His A8 ran into Qiang Xui’s Q6. A flop of 968 came down. Something for both players. The turn bricked a 4 and the river saved Xui with a 6, making Therdtskoonrat the unlucky bubble boy.


7:56pm Bubble made

Level 17: 3000/6000, ante 1000

We just hit the bubble as the break came. 162 players remain, all paid.

7:40pm Aoyama rising

Level 17: 3000/6000, ante 1000

Vidwath Shetty is again involved in the action betting 50k at a board reading 22QJ2. Teruhisa Aoyama (Japan) casually called and showed KJ. Shetty mucked. Aoyama has accumulated a giant stack, I’d estimate it’s over 700k, possibly 750k. My guess is that he’s our chip leader as we head into the dinner break.

Still one away from the bubble.

Soo Jo ‘SJ’ Kim has been in the action all day

7:29pm Bubble looming

We’re five players away from the bubble. Players are looking at the big screens hand to hand now.

7:20pm Shetty doubles up

Level 17: 3000/6000, ante 1000

Vidwath Shetty (India) bet out 16k, which led to multiple folds until Norbert Koh (Singapore) in the small blind shoved his stack. The big blind folded leaving Shetty with a big decision. He made it, calling, and showing AK. Koh had him easily covered and flipped up AJ. The race went as follows 76J8K. Ups and down along the way but Shetty doubles up to 140k. He told me he’d actually doubled up two hands in a row.

7pm SJ vs Bruni

Level 17: 3000/6000, ante 1000

Soo Jo ‘SJ’ Kim (Korea) started the betting pre-flop at 40k and got two callers, Sandro Bruni (Italy) and Sebastian Wong Wei Qua (Singapore). The flop was J42 and SJ forged ahead betting 18k, Bruni called and Quan mucked. The turn put out an action card A and SJ fired another bullet, this time 22k, Bruni came along for the ride. A 5 came on the river, and SJ checked it, giving Bruni an opportunity to lead the betting. He took it, 50k worth, and SJ had finally had enough. Nice pot for the Italian.


6:30pm Loh vs Chen

Level 16: 2500/5000, ante 500

Yisha Chen (China) led out with a bet of 12k, Daryl Loh (Singapore) wasn’t having it, re-raising to 35k. Chen was equally confident pushing her stack in and Loh called it. Chen showing KK and Loh turning over QA. The cards came out as 5Q7A8 . Loh hitting his much-needed ace and picking over 100k in the pot. Chen had Loh well covered and lives to fight another day.

Yisha Chen survived a shove with KK

6:27pm APPT Main Event by Country

A total of 38 different countries were represented at the APPT Manila Main Event

The record-breaking 1,364-strong field drew players from 38 different countries with China (17.8%) making up the largest portion of the field with 134 unique entries. The Philippines (12.6%) and Singapore (11.3%) were the next best represented with 105 and 95 unique entries respectively.

India (7.4%) was represented by 44 unique players, with Japan (7.3%) rounding out the top five with 69 unique representatives.

Korea was close behind with their 65 unique representatives making up 7.3% of the field, followed by Taiwan (6.6%) with 55 players, Malaysia (4.5%) with 40 unique players, the USA (4.3%) with 32 unique players and Vietnam (3.7%) completing the top ten with 25 unique entrants.

6:15pm Lee pushes

Level 16: 2500/5000, ante 500

With the board reading QA525 Seeyoung Lee (Korea) on the big blind shoved his remaining chips into a pot worth well over 100k. Gavin Mark (Ireland) on the button was the only other player remaining and tanked about making a call. He reasoned himself off the hand. Lee makes a nice score.

6pm Mao lucks out

Level 16: 2500/5000, ante 500

Zhoujie Mao (China) led out betting 12k, Hsu Sheng Wang (Taiwan) in the big blind called it. The dealer laid out 469. Wang checked, Mao pushed. Wang insta-called and turned over 44, making a set on the flop. Mao showed 33. Wang must have thought he was sitting pretty. But the poker gods thought otherwise. Runner – runner, 82 and Mao makes the flush. A pot worth over 100k taken down.

5:45pm Gerrits vs Welbourne

Level 16: 2500/5000, ante 500

Another mini-battle. Sam Welbourne (UK) limps in on Martin Gerrits (Netherlands) big blind and the flop is 4A5. The Dutchman checked and Welbourne made it 8.5k to play. Gerrits said ‘I really wanna play this hand’, but threw his cards away. The Brit is going very strongly.

5:25pm Michael Capinpuyan busts

Level 15: 2000/4000, ante 500

Michael Capinpuyan played like a monster yesterday, getting his stack up around the 300k mark at stages. Pre-flop he raised to 10k to be re-raised by Soo Jo ‘SJ’ Kim (Korea). Capinpuyan called. The flop was 885 and Capinpuyan bet 20k at it, only to be re-raised by SJ to 28.5k. The turn was 8. Capinpuyan checked this time, and SJ looked at Capinpuyan’s stack and raised to 34k, covering his opponent’s remaining chips. Capinpuyan went deep into thought and the made the decision. Call. Flipping over 45. SJ showing KK. The better book won it. Capinpuyan rails, SJ Kim gets his stack up over 350k.

5:02pm War

Level 15: 2000/4000, ante 500

Some intense hands happening around the hall. The board read 10AJ810 and Calvin Tan (Singapore) bet the pot at 100k and put Varun Gupta (India) to a huge decision. Gupta really thought about it. Taking his full measure of time and wearing an intense expression as he cycled through the possibilities. Gupta eventually got off the hand, the large bet getting Tan the hand.

Sam Welbourne has had an excellent day so far.

4:52pm Sushant busts out

Level 15: 2000/4000, ante 500

WSOP Bracelet Winner Aditya Sushant (India) pushed his stack with KK running into Sebastian Wong Wei Quan’ s (Singapore) AQ. Sushant looked the goods hitting a king on the flop, but it went runner-runner, jack-ten for the ace-high straight. Sushant hits the rail, Quan goes up over 500k in chips.

4:38pm Little battles

Level 15: 2000/4000, ante 500

Tournaments are won and lost in the small battles table to table. A flop reading 925 led Hae Kai Wu (Taiwan) to bet 12k. His only caller was the big blind Jae Chul Chang (Korea). The next card was a 8. Chang splashed out 10k and Wu called. A river card of A made Chang check and Wu pounced pushing all-in. Chang deliberated for a time but folded. Wu pulling near 60k.


4pm Yuan Chao Li powers forward

Level 14: 1500/3000, ante 500

Yuan Chao Li (China) was the chip leader at the end of Day 1a. He still has around 400k to his name. Li limped in the small blind. Renje Ye (Singapore) in the big checked it. The dealer displayed 734. Li bet 4k and Ye nodded and called. The turn was 6 and this time Ye led out with 7.2k, Li called. The river came a 6. Check – check. Li showed J6, ye mucked. Another near 30k in the kitty for Li.

Yuan Chao Li continues to look strong today

3:45pm Qiang Xu showing strength

Level 14: 1500/3000, ante 500

Qiang Xu (China) has healthy stack in front of him. Up around 300k. In the big blind he bet 17.5k into a pot of near 25k. The board read as follows 7876J. Man Fat Luk (Hong Kong) thought hard about calling the bet. But Xu’s play was strong enough and Luk got off his hand.

3:25pm Samant is rolling

Level 13: 1200/2400, ante 400

Kanishka Samant (India) bet pot sized at 42k into a board that read 71068. It was the right move as his opponent mucked. Samant is nearing 400k in chips.

3:05pm Welbourne goes big

Level 13: 1200/2400, ante 400

Epic Hand just went down. The flop was A103 and Sam Welbourne (UK) checked it to Pham Thanh Vinh (Vietnam) on the button who made it 20k to go. Welbourne called. The turn was A and Welbourne bet 36.5k and Vinh called. The river showed a K and Welbourne moved all-in. This put Vinh into think mode for a very long time. So long in fact that Welbourne clocked him. Pham folded showing AQ. Welbourne didn’t show and congratulated Vinh on the fold. Welbourne has near 500k now.

2:53pm Shetty adds to his stack
Level 13: 1200/2400, ante 400
I came across a board of 96844. En Cheng Hung was in the tank after Vidwath Shetty (India) had checked to him. Cheng bet out 32k, and Shetty made the call, turning over 99 easily beating Cheng’s QJ. Shetty pulled in over 90k.

2:37pm Trinh vs Clark
Level 13: 1200/2400, ante 400

Huy Throng Trinh (Vietnam) bet out 5.5k and Kevin Clark (New Zealand) liked it. A flop of 10K9 was dealt. Both players checked it. A 3 shot out on the turn and Trinh led out again 8.5k which Clark called. The river was a A. Check- check. Trinh turned up QQ, and it had Clark’s 9J beat all ends. Nice pot for Trinh.

Mohammad Samara smiling as always

2:20pm Mendoza picks up where he left off
Level 13: 1200/2400, ante 400

James Mendoza (Philippines) was a powerhouse late yesterday and hasn’t let up early today. With a flop of K96 Mendoza called Yanku Kang’s 8.5k raise. The turn was a brick, 2, and both players checked. The river came out a 5 and again both players checked it. Kang flipped over 77, Mendoza showed Q9. The pair of 9’s being enough to take the pot.

2:12pm Pape Shoves
Level 13: 1200/2400, ante 400

Piet Pape (Germany) shoved his 30k with ace-king and got one caller who showed ace-four, an ace came on the flop but Pape’s hand held up overall and he doubles up 5 minutes in.

Day 2 – Hold on to your butts

Just 400 players remain out of a massive 1,364-strong field

Morning people, we’re about 2 hours away from the action getting underway on day 2 of the APPT Manila Main Event. Records were smashed at PokerStars LIVE Manila as Day 1b of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Main Event drew a whopping 760 entries.

You add that to the 604 Day 1a entrants and the Main Event has attracted an enormous 1,364 runners, destroying multiple international tournament records in the Philippines; most entries in any one day, most entries in one tournament, and largest non-High Roller prize pool with a gigantic ₱65,492,460 up for grabs.

The winner will walk away with ₱12,970,000 in addition to a PSPC Platinum Pass worth USD $30,000. A total of 162 places will payout with a min-cash good for ₱118,000.

For full Official Payouts List please CLICK HERE

For more information on the PSPC Platinum Pass please visit:

Seven players qualified twice with Indonesia’s Charles Lesmana and Andrianto Wijaya, Vietnam’s Le Ngoc Khanh, Korea’s Keon Yong Ma, India’s Zarvan Tumboli, Singapore’s Calvin Tan and Canada’s Linh Tran all finding success on their first and second attempts. After their extra stacks were removed the 400 survivors will unite for the first time for Day 2 which kicks off in around under 2 hours time.

Our combined leaderboard reads as follows:

1) Yuan Chao Li (China) 430, 000
2) Mingyang Lui (China) 366, 400
3) Boon Seng Ang (Singapore) 315, 700
4) Jun Obara (Japan) 310, 700
5) Ming Huang (China) 301,800
6) James Mitchell (UK) 284,100
7) Duy Ho (USA) — 278,500
8) Tjiauw Titi Suwito (Indonesia) — 268,000
9) Michael Fullmer (Singapore) — 267,100
10) Michael Larsen (Denmark) — 259,500

Notables in the field will include WSOP bracelet winners Mike Takayama, Preston Lee and Aditya Sushant, reigning Asia Player of the Year Alan Lau, former Asia Player of the Year Kitty Kou, Macau Poker Cup winner Alvan Zheng and Martin Gerrits (15th WSOP Main Event 2018).

Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin and Randy Lew were the only two players representing the Red Spade, with both making it through, Lin with a stack of 70,700 and Lew with 22,700.

Day 2 Seat Draw: HERE

For start of day chip counts please click here.

I’ll be back when we’re under way.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the ₱55,000 Main Event: JJ DeCeglie. Photography by Chris Librojo.

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