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Different strokes for different folks – it was interesting to see the demeanour of the players during the break in the APT Seoul final table. First-time final table participants like Norwegian qualifier Seval “Biffen 1” Hægeland and Michel “MSTP007” St Pierre paced nervously outside the ballroom while Jo Berec and Roger Spets looked relaxed and calm after the first two levels. James Honeybone said he’d been happy to stay under the radar during the first two hours.

APPT Seoul: Seval Hægeland

After a quiet level 17, we’re expecting some fireworks during level 18, especially with Seval Haegeland (107,000) and Sid Kim (96,000) being chipped away.

Hands 36-40: Spets takes the first hand (36) after the break with 20,000 pre-flop raise, and Kim pushes all-in to claim the blinds and antes in hand 37. On hand 38, Berec raises to 24,000 and gets no action. Bachar and Berec check it down to the river on hand 39, and ace-high is enough for Bachar to take the pot on a board of Jh 9h 8c 8d Jd. Hægeland makes his move with an all-in bet on hand 40, but gets no love.

Hands 41-45: Berec takes the blinds and antes in hand 41 with a pre-flop raise of 25,000. Sid Kim is again all-in on hand 42 and after a few moments to deliberate, Roger Spets folds. Berec pumps it up to 26,000 to take hand 43, while St Pierre’s pre-flop raise of 25,000 is enough to take down hand 44. We see a flop on hand 45 between Berec and Haegeland. It comes Qc 10c 5d, and the pot goes to the Norwegian when he pops it up 25,000.

Hands 46-50: Bachar scoops hand 46 with a raise to 20,000 pre-flop. Hand 47 is a carbon copy with Honeybone taking the blinds and antes. Haegeland, Berec and Honeybone see a flop on hand 48 – it comes Qc 10c 5d, and Haegeland takes it down with a bet of 25,000. On hand 49, it’s a three-way pot between Berec, Kim and Spets. The flop reads Js 8s 2h. Kim pushes all-in, and scoops the pot. The Canadian St Pierre gets a walk on hand 50.

Hand 51: Ziv Bachar
Button: Kim (seat 7) – in one of the biggest pots of level 17, Bachar raises to 20,000 and gets a call from St Pierre. The flop is Qd Js 5h. Both players check. The turn is the Jd, St Pierre bets 25,000 and Bachar calls. The river is 5c. St Pierre checks, and Bachar bets 30,000. St Pierre folds and Bachar wins pot of more than 100,000.

Hands 52-54: The pattern resumes on hand 52, with Haegeland raising all-in after St Pierre calls on the button, and everyone folds. On hand 53, Berec bumps it up to 45,000 and gets a call from Kim. The flop is Ad Ah 7c, and it goes check-check. The turn is Qs, Berec requests a count but Kim mucks before he has a chance to take a nice pot. Bachar and Spets butt heads on hand 54 after the Israeli’s raise to 25,000. The flop reads Ac 7h 5d, Bachar bets 20,000 and takes it down. Blinds have just gone up to 5000/10,000 with an ante of 1000.

Hand 55: Sid Kim
Button: Berec (seat 3) – Roger Spets pushes all-in from the small blind with 2d 4h and gets an immediate call from Sid Kim with Ac 7s. The board comes 6h 3h 9h 7d Jd, and Sid Kim doubles through Spets, who is down to just 11,000 in chips.

Hands 56-59:St Pierre takes hand 56 from Kim with a bet of 15,000 after a flop of Kh 8c 3c, and makes it two out of two on hand 57 with a pre-flop raise of 30,000. St Pierre raises to 35,000 on hand 58, but Bachar’s reraise to 95,000 send the Canadian’s cards into the muck. Hægeland takes hand 59 with a pre-flop raise to 25,000. Honeybone gets away from it on hand 60 after his pre-flop raise of 32,000, which Berec reraises all-in. The Aussie shows pocket eights.

Hand 61: Ziv Bachar (Roger Spets eliminated in seventh position, $17,484)

APPT Seoul: Roger Spets, 7th place

Button: Honeybone (seat 2) – Bachar and Berec call, and Spets is all in for 5500 in the big blind. It’s checked down to the river with the board showing Ad 4h 2c 8h 7s. Bachar shows king-high to win the pot, eliminating Spets Js 5h. However, Roger Spets will go down in APPT history as the first player to reach two final tables.

Latest chip count (final table) Approximate:

  • Ziv Bachar 620,000
  • Jozef Berec 580,000
  • Michel St Pierre 250,000
  • James Honeybone 148,000
  • Sid Kim 248,000
  • Seval Haegeland 26,000

Hands 62-63: On hand 62, Berec raises to 25,000 and Kim calls. The flop reads Qh 8s 7c, Kim bets 25,000 and Berec raises enough to put Kim all-in. He doesn’t take the bait, leaving Berec in the chip lead on 580,000. St Pierre takes hand 63 with a bet of 20,000 when the board of Js Jh 2h 9h 7h is checked to the river.

Hand 64: Sid Kim
Button: Kim (seat 7): Kim raises to 25,000, Hægeland calls and the flop reads Js 8h 3c. Hægeland checks blind, Kim pushes all-in and the Norwegian calls. Kim shows 10s 9s, and Hægeland Jd 8d. The turn is 6h, but Kim hits the Qs on the river for a straight, crippling Hægeland.

Hands 65-70: Hægeland moves all-in from the small blind and gets a call from Bachar. It’s Qd 10h v Qs 7c, and Hægeland’s kicker plays to keep him alive after hand 65. Sid Kim scoops the blinds and antes with a raise of 40,000 on hand 66. Hægeland hangs on again in a chop (Ac 9h v Ad 9d) with Honeybone on hand 67. Sid Kim bets 25,000 on a flop of Kh Qs 2d, forcing Berec and Honeybone to fold on hand 68. St Pierre then gets a walk on hand 69, and Kim takes hand 70 with a bet of 20,000 on a flop of Ks Jh 6s.

Hand 71: Michel St Pierre (Seval Hægeland eliminated in sixth position, $21,855)

Button: St Pierre (seat 8): Hægeland pushes all-in for his last 19,000, and gets a call from Bachar and St Pierre. It’s checked all the way on a board of Kd 10s 9h 10d 2s. Haegeland shows Ks 3c but St Pierre has 10h 7d for a set, eliminating the Norwegian who won his way into the APPT Seoul main event for $1.

At the break, the latest chip count reads

  • Ziv Bachar 562,000
  • Jozef Berec 547,000
  • Michel St Pierre 321,000
  • Sid Kim 290,000
  • James Honeybone 142,000

Hand 73: Sid Kim
Button: Bachar (seat 1) – Fireworks straight out of the break with the biggest hand of the tournament so far. Kim raises to 28,000, Berec re-raises to 112,000, Kim re-raises all-in and Berec calls. Kim shows Ks 10s and Berec Qc Qd. The flop hits Kim (As Kc 4h) and there’s no help for Berec on the turn (9c) or river (8s). Sid Kim is our new chip leader on 587,000, and Berec is down to 280,000.

Hands 72, 74-75: Berec raises to 36,000 on hand 72 to take the blinds and antes. Bachar’s raise to 36,000 is enough to take hand 73, as is Honeybone’s all-in push on hand 74.

Hand 76: Jozef Berec (James Honeybone eliminated in fifth place $28,412)

Button: Sid Kim (seat 7) – Honeybone moves all-in and Berec re-raises all in for 271,000. Honeybone shows Ad 10d and Berec 8h 8c. The flop comes 10h 4h 2s Qs, but Berec hits the 8d on the river for a set, KOing the young New Zealander.

Note: We’ll no longer be filing hand-by-hand reporting from the final table of the APPT Seoul main event, but keep an eye out for the final results in the coming hours.

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