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After such a tight bubble period last night, it was hardly surprising to see the short stacks waste little time in the opening minutes of day 3 in the APPT. But five players in five minutes, talk about the eradication of a species!

It started with Jimmy Wong’s elimination in 48th when he pushed with A-Q into a flop of 8s-Ac-9s only to find Antonio Fazzolari wake-up with A-9. Dave Lee followed on the next hand, but his J-4 was always going to struggle against the A-K of chip leader Frank Saffioti. Other early eliminations were Robert Bechara (46th), David Kim (45th) and Zhi Hong Ma (44th).

PokerStars qualifier Phil Willcocks won a big pot when John Mendel pushed with kings only to find the Kiwi with eights, sending Mendel out in 43rd.

PokerStars qualifier Phil Willcocks is looking strong

Minh Nguyen, Aussie veterans Graeme Putt and David Gorr, and George Lind have also departed the tournament area. Lind butted heads on several occasions with Lisa Delellis, the pub poker qualifier from Wollongong.

She took a slice of Lind’s chips with pocket queens against A-8, then after a brief reprieve when he made two-pair (nines and fours) against Delellis’ pocket 10s, Martin Rowe finished off the PokerStars qualifiers.

We’re deep into level 17 (4000/8000 with a 500 ante) and only 36 players remaining. On the other side of the Star City poker room, the $1100 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event has also just kicked-off.

Before too many more exit the big event, we’ve got good luck messages to pass on from some of the big names…

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