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Local cash game grinder Ashish Gupta has overcome a field of 523 to emerge victorious in the APPT10 Melbourne Main Event. Gupta navigated his way through four days of play and a seven-handed final table to earn the title, lift the trophy and collect $124,191 after two deals took place.

Players struck a deal at four-handed with the three shorter stacks all relinquishing $5,000 of their ICM chop to overwhelming chip leader at the time, Jay Prasad, and leaving $20,000 for the eventual champion. When Gupta and Raymond Ou made it to heads up play they decided to chop that $20,000 up, with Ou (who had the chip lead) securing an extra $13,000, and Gupta claiming an additional $7,000.

appt melbourne ashish gupta champion.jpg

Gupta had more than a 2:1 chip deficit when heads up play began but that didn’t stop him from coming back to claim victory. After a while Gupta pulled off a river bluff-jam with a busted straight draw to usurp the lead and in the second hand after the subsequent break he took all of Ou’s chips in one shot.

Since the two were deep they had agreed to a mandatory button straddle to 250,000, and after Gupta called from the big blind the flop landed 92Q. The action went check-check and the 6 fell on the turn. Gupta then led at it for 300,000 before Ou played back at him for 1.1 million.

Gupta decided to move all in with enough to cover Ou and the latter called off for his tournament life. Gupta’s Q2 for two pair was ahead of Ou’s KQ top pair with a king kicker and he held through the Q river to take down the championship.

appt melbourne heads up.jpg

Before the heads up match the day started with seven players still in contention.

Of those it was Ben Mclean who was the first to leave us. He met his demise about 90 minutes into proceedings. McLean was the table short stack and he moved his last 455,000 all in from under the gun with A9. He ran into the JJ of Prasad and when McLean couldn’t find any help on the K71052 run out his tournament run came to an end.

Less than an hour later Tu Lan was the next to hit the rail. After Trung Tran moved all in for under 10 big blinds with A4 Lan committed his own stack with less holding KJ. The 7A8 flop was a terrible start for Lan and while he had some slight hope after pairing the K turn, the 9 couldn’t save him.

appt melbourne tu lan 6th place.jpg

6th place – Tu Lan

Fifth place went to Shawn Lee who was hit by a cold deck and ran JJ into the KK of Ou. The K36 flop was a death knell for Lee and he couldn’t catch running jacks to survive when the 8 turn and 5 river completed the board.

In a shock exit it was Prasad who was actually the next player eliminated. He lost a string of hands in quick succession and finally got the last of it in preflop with KJ against Gupta’s A3. Despite flopping a gut shot to Broadway Prasad couldn’t get there as the cards came down 10A445. Despite the fourth place finish Prasad still earned himself the lion’s share of the prize money, locking up $175,000 during the four-handed deal.

Our third place finisher was Trung Tran who, after sucking out to stay alive a couple of times, couldn’t hold on any longer. He lost all but a couple of antes to Gupta after getting all in with J3 on a 63J board against Gupta’s 55. The 2 turn improved Gupta to a flush and Tran was unable to spike one of four outs on the 7 river. Two hands later Tran ran king queen into Ou’s pocket kings to finally hit the rail.

And that elimination brought us to the heads up battle where Gupta overcame Ou for the APPT Main Event title and the trophy. Congratulations to Ashish Gupta!

APPT10 Melbourne Final Table Payouts

1st) Ashish Gupta – $124,191**
2nd) Raymond Ou – $136,535**
3rd) Trung Tran – $107,313*
4th) Jay Prasad – $175,000*
5th) Shawn Lee – $47,175
6th) Tu Lan – $37,525
7th) Ben McLean – $30,550

All prizes in AUD
Denotes a four-handed deal
Denotes an additional heads up deal

appt melbourne final seven.jpg

That’s all for our coverage here from APPT Melbourne. Thanks to Crown Casino for hosting such a successful and exciting tournament series. The next stop on the tour is in just a few weeks’ time when the Asia Championship of Poker returns to Macau. We hope you can join us then!

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