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When the day began there was no set plan and that didn’t change as we entered the seventh level of Day 2. With around 80 players remaining, officials were undecided whether to wrap things up at the conclusion of the level, or whether they should play on until the bubble burst.

After another thirty minutes of play an executive decision was made that, unless things became ridiculously drawn out, we’d be playing down until the bubble burst. We made it to hand-for-hand before a 30-minute dinner break was called, and 15 minutes after players returned to their seats the day was done.

It was a double elimination on separate tables to end proceedings. Patrick Donker and David Evans were all in at risk simultaneously on other sides of the room.

Donker was all in for less than two big blinds and was called in three spots. The button, small blind and big blind all came along, and with some post-flop action he was already out of his seat and expecting to be eliminated. Ultimately the board came down 3637Q and Donker’s A10 was no match versus 66 for a flopped full house.

appt melbourne patrick donker.jpg

Donker was given a little hope when he received the news that Evans was all in on another table, and if he busted they would split the 63rd place prize money.

Evans got his money in good with KK against Nikolaos Haidaris’s AK but an ace on the J6A flop proved too much to recover from after the 9 turn and 2 river arrived to signal the end of his tournament.

appt melbourne david evans.jpg

Donker and Evans would have to be content with chopping $4,290.

On the other side of the coin was our end-of-day chip leader Tristan Bain. He knocked out Tony Hachem earlier in proceedings with pocket aces against pocket kings and steamrolled his way to the chip lead in the later stage of the day. He returns in pole position tomorrow with an impressive 575,000 in chips.

appt melbourne tristan bain.jpg

Chip boss – Tristan Bain

Others, however, weren’t so lucky. We started the day with 262 players and 200 were met with elimination. Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin was one of those who fell by the wayside, exiting in particularly brutal fashion. Lin got it all in for a huge pot holding Q9 for the nuts on a board of 610J8 but she saw she could only chop the pot at best when her opponent tabled Q9 for the same hand but an additional freeroll to the flush. Unfortunately for the Team Pro the K rolled off on the end and Lin was sent hurtling to the rail.

appt melbourne celina lin day 2.jpg

As for the survivors though it’s a solid mix of seasoned pros and recreational players. Among those still in contention are Ricky Lim (386,500), Corey Kempson (352,000), Peter Aristidou (291,500), Srdjan Brkic (261,500), James Broom (188,000), Andrew Hinrichsen (135,500), Alan Lau (112,500) and Henry Szmelcer (83,500).

You can check out everyone who qualified for tomorrow on the Day 3 seating draw right here.

They’ll all be back again from 12:15pm local time tomorrow as we play down to a final table. Who will run it up and secure their seat before an APPT Main Event champion collects the title and $235,875 on Tuesday? Tune in to the PokerStars Blog to find out!

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