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Day 2 is done and dusted. The lucky few who bagged up chips at the conclusion of play will have the night off from the tables before returning at midday tomorrow to battle it out on the penultimate day.

That bunch consists of the 22 players who survived through six levels of play today, after being whittled down from Day 2’s starting group of 61. Six levels instead of the usual eight because play was cut short today. With only 61 remaining and still two days left before the final table, an executive decision was made as play began to finish two levels earlier than expected.

Only 18 places are paying dividends in this Main Event so things began to get interesting as we approached the bubble in the dying stages tonight. That bubble still hasn’t burst with four more who will miss out on a payday tomorrow before the top 18 lock up ₩5,099,000 (~$4,350).

It was Chan Tsuh Ming who started the day as chip boss with 169,800 in chips and he did well to maintain that lead for several levels. That was until Poland’s Daniel Demicki emerged to usurp his title. Demicki had a stellar showing here, spinning the 93,000 he started with up to 292,000 by the conclusion of play.

APPTSeoul2016 daniel demicki.jpg

Leading the way – Daniel Demicki

Some of the others joining Demicki back here tomorrow include Liam O’Rourke(191,000), Michael Egan (107,500) and Day 1a chip leader – and second place going into Day 3 – Albert Paik (287,000).

As for the Team PokerStars Pros, Chen An Lin, Celina Lin and Bryan Huang returned today, but unfortunately for the three of them they were unable to hold on to Day 3. Chen An Lin was first to go, running ace-king into the pocket kings of Romain Dours. Following him to the rail was Celina Lin who found herself all in on the flop with top pair against her opponent’s bottom set. Huang managed to survive until the final level but his suited ace-six couldn’t overcome the odds versus Satsuki Ochiai’s suited ace-queen.

APPTSeoul2016 celina lin.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin enjoying herself at the table today

And now we are only 13 places away from the final table and potentially another short day tomorrow. Play picks back up at 12pm local time as 22 attempt to edge closer to the ₩119,097,600 (~$101,600) first place prize and the coveted APPT trophy.

As always we’ll have all the action from the felt right here on the PokerStars Blog. Until then you can read up on how today transpired below. We hope you can join us tomorrow! — BK

6:15pm: Four more hands
Level 14 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (500 ante)

Tournament official Rex Cheong just asked the current chip boss Daniel Demicki to draw for how many hands will be left here on Day 2.

Demicki drew four. We’re not long from wrapping up another day here at APPT Seoul.

Stay with us! — BK

6pm: Chip leaders
Level 14 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (500 ante)

Right now it’s Poland’s Daniel Demicki who leads the pack. With 20 minutes to go he has 290,000, having seemingly won a lot from former chip leader Shenghua Qian.

Closely following Demicki is Day 1A end-of-play chip leader Albert Paik with 280,000. –JS

5:50pm: Slowroll for O’Rourke
Level 14 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (500 ante)

Eechi Mizuno is starting to become Liam O’Rourke’s nemesis. After that hand we told you about not long ago (where the Aussie paid 100 won), Mizuno has now slowrolled him!

It started with an under-the-gun open by Mizuno to 8,000, and folded right around to O’Rourke in the small blind. He made the call and the two saw a 697 flop, which they’d both check. That took us to the 4 turn, on which O’Rourke led for 7,500. Mizuno just called.

The river came the 3 and now the bet from O’Rourke was 11,500. Mizuno didn’t look happy about it but made the call, and O’Rourke turned over the 1010 confidently. Mizuno paused for a moment, but then turned over his hand – the KK!

Bit of a slowroll Mizuno! –JS

5:45pm: Last woman standing falls
Level 14 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (500 ante)

Jia Yu was the last remaining female player in this event following Celina Lin’s departure, but sadly she’s left us now too. Yasuyuki Tsuji opened to 6,500 and Yu three-bet to 15,500 on the button. After Tsuji called the flop fell KA5 and it checked to Yu, who continued with a 15,000 bet. Tsuji then insta-shoved and Yu sort of shrugged – as if she had to call her last 50,000 – and did just that. She had the KQ for middle pair but was trailing Tsuji’s A5 for top pair. Tsuji had her covered too, and when no help came on the turn or river she hit the rail. Tsuji now has 188,000. –JS

5:40pm: Lin’s exit
Level 14 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (500 ante)

Celina Lin has now shared how she busted, so over to her:

5:35pm: Huang out to dry
Level 14 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (500 ante)

The last hope for Team PokerStars has just been extinguished as Bryan Huang leaves us in the final level of the day. Huang had caught a lucky run of cards in a couple of spots to avoid elimination earlier but he couldn’t do it this time against Satsuki Ochiai.

It folded to Huang in middle position and he moved all in for his last 35,500. Ochiai on his direct left called to put the Team Pro at risk, and with the rest of the table out of the way, the cards went on their backs.

Huang: A6
Ochiai: AQ

Huang was dominated and couldn’t turn things around with the cards falling 4Q3103.

He finished 2nd place in this event last year but unfortunately for Huang he won’t be making back-to-back deep runs. — BK

APPTSeoul2016 bryan huang elimination.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

Level Small Blind Big Blind Ante
14 1500 3000 500

5:25pm: Seven away
Level 13 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (400 ante)

With 25 players remaining we’re just seven eliminations from the money. Will the bubble burst before the end of Level 14 when play is due to end? Stick around to see. –JS

5:20pm: O’Rourke folds but still pays
Level 13 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (400 ante)

There was a bit of commotion on Liam O’Rourke’s table so I went over to see what was up. On a Q4498 board O’Rourke had bet 28,000 into Eechi Mizuno, only for Mizuno to move all-in over the top. The pot was already substantial prior to the river.

O’Rourke got a count and learnt that it was 72,900 to call. While he was thinking, Mizuno stood up and put his rucksack on.

“Why are you putting your bag on mate?” asked O’Rourke. “Are you going home?”

Mizuno smiled.

“Will you show?”

Mizuno nodded. “For 100 won!” and everyone at the table started laughing.

O’Rourke threw his hand away, and Mizuno jokingly gestured for the money before giving the dealer permission to reveal his hand: QQ for the nuts.

O’Rourke let out a sigh of relief, and true to his word he reached into his wallet and tossed over a 100 won coin.

“Ahhh thank you!” said Mizuno as the table fell about themselves laughing. He’s up to 180,000 now, while O’Rourke slips to 117,000. –JS

5:05pm: No back-to-back final table for Lin
Level 13 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (400 ante)

It appears last year’s fourth place finisher, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin, won’t be making another final table appearance. Her seat is empty and there is no sign of her in the poker room.

We missed how she was eliminated but we’ll keep you posted if the Team Pro takes to Twitter to fill her followers in. — BK

4:45pm: Dours does his dash
Level 13 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (400 ante)

Romain Dours got the last of his chips in preflop with pocket aces but unfortunately for the Frenchman the hand couldn’t hold up.

The action began with Ken Hirosawa opening to 6,700 from under the gun, and after he was called in two spots, Dours moved all in from the big blind for 48,200. Hirosawa didn’t wait long to announce he was all in over the top and with the two callers out of the way, Dours and Hirosawa’s cards were turned face up.

Dours: AA
Hirosawa: 1010

Dours had the lead until a ten in the window on the 9910 flop hurt his chances of survival. He needed to find an ace or running nines to stay alive but the 3 turn and 2 river meant it was all over. — BK

4:45pm: Huge pot gives Qian the chiplead
Level 13 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (400 ante)

Daniel Demecki opened it to 5,500 and got a call from the player to his left, Yasuyuki Tsuji. It then folded to Shenghua Qian on the button and he raised it up to 16,500, only for Noriko Suzuki to put in a four-bet from the big blind worth 33,000. It folded back to Qian and he made the call.

The pot was already huge by this point and it was about to get bigger. The 65K flop saw Suzuki continue for 32,500 and Qian went nowhere. The 2 hit the turn though, and despite being a seemingly innocent card it killed the action. Both checked.

That took us to the 8 river and Suzuki checked one more time. Qian thought for a few moments before counting out a bet of 30,000 and sliding it in the middle. Suzuki hated to give up on the pot but ended up throwing his hand away. He still has 85,000, while Qian is up to 225,000. –JS

Level Small Blind Big Blind Ante
13 1200 2400 400

4:20pm: Scheduled break

It’s time for another break. Coverage resumes in 10 minutes. — BK

4:15pm: Huang survives thanks to Barry Greenstein
Level 12 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang has hit another miracle river card to stay in this event.

After Gu Yu Du made it 4,500, Shenghua Qian three-bet to 11,000. Fellow Team Pro Celina Lin got out the way, then Huang jammed for 19,200 total. Du gave it up and Qian made a quick call.

Huang had the AQ and was up against the 55 of Qian. He’d need to hit, but found nothing on the 733 flop and J turn. But then, the Barry Greenstein – aka an Ace on the river – hit the felt. Thanks to the A Huang had hit a bigger pair and doubled up to 43,000. –JS

4:05pm: Team Pro down
Level 12 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Three Team PokerStars Pros began here today but now only two remain with the departure of Chen An Lin. We’ve been told that Romain Dours moved all in preflop and Lin did the same with less chips to put himself at risk.

Lin held a respectable ace-king but Dours was in front with pocket kings as the board was spread J52JQ. Lin couldn’t find an ace and exits as our first Team Pro casualty today. — BK

APPTSeoul2016 chen an lin.jpg

Recently eliminated: Team PokerStars Pro Chen An Lin

3:55pm: Zhou exits
Level 12 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Quan Zhou recently had his stack all but obliterated by Albert Paik and Yen Chen Huang just finished the job.

Huang brought it in for a raise to 5,000 and it folded around to super shortstack Zhou in the big blind. The latter opted just to flat call and leave himself only 400 behind – a decision that was met with laughs from his tablemates.

The 3109 flop came and Zhou tossed in the remaining 400. Huang called immediately with J10 for top pair and Zhou saw his A2 was behind. The 7 turn and 6 brought him no help and Zhou was eliminated.

Huang moves up to 32,000 in chips. — BK

3:45pm: Paik punishes Zhou
Level 12 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Day 1a chip leader Albert Paik wasn’t having the best afternoon at the felt here on Day 2, but he’s moving in the right direction again after leaving Quan Zhou’s stack crippled.

We arrived at the table to see the board reading 226J and a bloated pot of roughly 40,000. Zhou was first to speak and he bet 19,000 before Paik pushed all in for 36,700. Zhou made the call and saw his chances of winning the hand were slim to say the least.

Zhou: KK
Paik: 32

Zhou had the overpair but Paik had flopped trip twos and would take down the pot if he could avoid a king falling on the river. The 6 finished things and Zhou was left with only 5,500 to play with. — BK

3:40pm: Lin takes a small hit
Level 12 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin kicked off the hand with an open to 4,500 and it folded right around to Yukinori Amano in the big blind. He matched the bet and the pair saw a K74 flop fall. Amano tapped the table, inviting Lin to c-bet for 3,700. That was called.

To the turn then; it came the 9 and now both players checked. The 3 landed on the river but there would be no more action. Lin waited to see Amano’s hand, and when she saw the K5 she mucked. –JS

3:35pm: Egan edging upwards
Level 12 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Australian Michael Egan is steadily climbing this afternoon. He just picked up a pot from the current chip leader Chan Tsuh Ming.

Ming opened the action to 4,200 and Egan next to act made the call. The rest of the table folded an the two players saw a flop of 27K.

They both checked to the 4 turn when Ming made it 5,400 to go. Egan called the bet and the K landed on the river. Again the action went check check and Ming tabled A9 for an air ball while Egan quickly flipped up 66 for the win.

Egan lifts his stack to 72,000 and Ming remains in the chip lead but is knocked back to 169,000. — BK

3:25pm: Nakamura takes one from O’Rourke
Level 12 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

Yutaka Nakamura – the guy in the Charlie Brown and Snoopy t shirt on Day 1A – made it 4,500 to go from middle position. That got one call before Liam O’rouke popped it up to 11,400 on the button. Only Nakamura called taking us to the flop.

The 3105 hit the board and Nakamura checked to the last aggressor. O’Rourke continued, this time betting slightly less with 11,000, only for Nakamura to jam for 41,300 total. O’Rourke was interested and got a chip count, but in the end it was too much and he let his hand go. –JS

Level Small Blind Big Blind Ante
12 1000 2000 300

3:15pm: Paik’s still around
Level 11 – Blinds 900/1,800 (200 ante)

As we just told you about Chan Tsuh Ming, let’s give you an update of our other end-of-day chip leader. Albert Paik topped the Day 1A field, but has seen his stack head in the wrong direction so far today. He started with 116,800 but now has 75,000. –JS

3:05pm: Yang continues to build
Level 11 – Blinds 900/1,800 (200 ante)

Not long ago we reported on Renjun Yang winning a pot from Quan Zhou and he has continued the trend, this time taking from Alvin Zheng.

The hand began with Zheng opening to 4,000 before Masanori Ishihara called on the button, Yang called from the small blind and Romain Dours came along from the big blind.

The flop landed 5AJ and it was checked back to Zheng who fired for 7,500. Ishihara let it go but Yang made the call. Dours folded his hand and the 6 arrived on the turn.

The two remaining players checked through to the 4 river where Yang led for 13,000. Zheng tanked for over a minute but in the end he tossed in a call to see he was beat by Yang’s A6 for two pair.

That hand sees Zheng drop to 58,000 in chips. — BK

3pm: Bullying the big stack
Level 11 – Blinds 900/1,800 (200 ante)

Spare a thought for Chan Tsuh Ming. He may be among the chip leaders, but right now he can’t raise a hand without someone shoving on him.

First it was Australia’s Michael Egan. Chan opened to 4,300 on the button and Egan jammed for around 30,000 out of the small blind. That got the big stack to fold.

An almost identical thing happened on the next hand. Chan opened to the same 4,300, and this time it was Siyang Phua’s turn to shove for 23,500 total. Once again Chan threw his hand away. –JS


Start of Day 2 chipleader Chan Tsuh Ming

2:50pm: Yang finds a flush
Level 11 – Blinds 900/1,800 (200 ante)

Quan Zhou opened the betting with a raise to 4,200. It folded around to Renjun Yang in the big blind and he defended to see the J5A flop.

Yang checked to Zhou who continued for 4,100. The bet was met with a call and the dealer turned the 7. That arrival of that card prompted both players to check before the 9 river completed the board.

Yang deliberated for a moment before flicking in 11,000 in chips. Zhou reached into his stack and cut out a call but hesitated to commit to it. Ultimately he did put the chips in the middle and saw that Yang had him beat with K6 for the nut flush.

Zhou dips to 52,400 while Yang jumps up to hover around 98,000. — BK

2:40pm: Selected chip counts
Level 11 – Blinds 900/1,800 (200 ante)

The player who began Day 2 as chipleader, Chan Tsuh Ming, is still out in front as we get closer to the money. Here are the biggest and most notable stacks in the room. –JS

Chan Tsuh Ming – 210,000
Jia Yu – 145,000
Masanori Ishihara – 140,000
Kengo Nishihara – 110,000
Liam O’Rourke – 110,000
Alvin Zheng – 72,000
Michael Egan – 59,000
Celina Lin (Team PokerStars Pro) – 47,000
Bryan Huang (Team PokerStars Pro) – 42,000
Quan Zhou – 35,000
Chen An Lin (Team PokerStars Pro) – 23,000

2:30pm: Tsuji stays alive
Level 11 – Blinds 900/1,800 (200 ante)

Yasuyuki Tsuji’s tournament dream is still alive after he found himself at risk against Poland’s Daniel Demicki.

We missed the start of the action but Demicki had 9,600 in front of him and Tsuji had moved all in for 31,600. With the decision back to Demicki he gave it considerable thought before begrudgingly dropping calling chips into the middle.

Tsuji: AQ
Demicki: 96

Tsuji was in front but the 824 made things interesting. Demicki had picked up a flush draw and could still hit a nine or six to take the lead. The 8 turn was safe for Tsuji and so too was the 5 river as his ace high held to lock up the pot.

Demicki takes a hit but still sits with 94,000 in chips. — BK

Level Small Blind Big Blind Ante
11 900 1800 200

2:05pm: Break time

Players are going on their first break of the day. We’ll be back in ten minutes. –JS

1:55pm: Flip out
Level 10 – Blinds 700/1,400 (200 ante)

There’s a big queue right in front of the media desk right now and that’s because one of the popular flip out tournaments is about to begin. It costs ₩100,000 to enter so if you’re looking for some fun action here in Seoul, head on down now. –JS

1:45pm: Larsen leaves us
Level 10 – Blinds 700/1,400 (200 ante)

Denmark’s Rasmus Larsen started today with 35,600 but he has just been sent to the rail by Shenghua Qian.

Qian brought it in for a raise to 3,000 from late position, and when it folded to Larsen in the big blind, he moved all in for his last 24,100. The jam was called and players opened their cards.

Larsen: A9
Qian: 77

It was a fair fight but Larsen would need to improve to survive. The 258 flop was no help and while the Q turn brought some flush outs, the J river bricked off to see Larsen eliminated.

Qian meanwhile builds to an impressive 138,000. — BK

1:40pm: Huang triples up in crazy hand
Level 10 – Blinds 700/1,400 (200 ante)

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang is still alive in this main event thanks to a miracle river card. This was a pretty ridiculous hand which had everything.

It started with an under-the-gun limp from Yukinori Amano, followed by another limp from Gu Yu Du who was utg+1. It then folded to Huang and he jammed for 24,100. After all, his limping opponents presumably weren’t that strong, right?

Wrong. Amano then made the call, only for Du to then re-shove for around 60,000 total. It was essentially a decision for Amano’s tournament as Du had him covered. After several minutes spent deep in the tank he decided to give his hand up, telling the table he had Ace King.

It was a good decision at first as Du had the KK, which was ahead of Huang’s 77. But Amano was kicking himself when the Q10J flop hit the felt, which would have given him a broadway straight for the stone nuts.

Huang needed help and didn’t get any on the 6 turn. The 7 river however was a different story, catapulting Huang into the lead and giving him a triple up to around 77,000. –JS


Team Pros Bryan Huang and Celina Lin on Day 2

1:25pm: Power poker from Matsuo
Level 10 – Blinds 700/1,400 (200 ante)

Ken Hirosawa opened to 4,100 and Mingken Thoo came along. He wouldn’t be able to see a flop though as Ryusuke Matsuo squeezed it up to 16,000 from the big blind and only Hirosawa called.

The dealer fanned a 1076 flop and Matsuo continued for 14,000. Hirosawa didn’t take too long to call, and so we saw the K on the turn. Matsuo decided to jam for his remaining 21,800 and Hirosawa went into the tank. After a couple of minutes he decided to preserve his chips and threw his hand away.

Matsuo then showed the K. –JS

1:15pm: No joy for Jin
Level 10 – Blinds 700/1,400 (200 ante)

It won’t be back to back APPT final tables for Jiayi Jin. He finished 5th in APPT Macau only a few weeks ago but was just eliminated at the hands of Kenji Kurashina.

Jin opened to 3,200 before Kurashina next to act put in a raise to 9,000. The decision fell back on Jin who counted his own stack and weighed up his options. The raise was for close to half his stack but he opted to flat call and leave himself only 13,400 behind.

When the dealer spread the 449 flop Jin quickly moved in and was Kurashina snapped it off.

Jin: AK
Kurashina: QQ

Jin was behind but had a world of outs with any ace, king or diamond (not counting the Q) making him the best hand. He would find none of those, however, as the 9 turn and 4 arrived to seal his fate.

Kurashina sends Jin home and moves his own stack up to around 74,000. — BK

APPTSeoul2016 Jiayi Jin.jpg

Eliminated: Jiayi Jin

Level Small Blind Big Blind Ante
10 700 1400 200

1:05pm: Nice call by Ishihara
Level 9 – Blinds 600/1,200 (100 ante)

Quan Zhou kicked off proceedings with a 2,600 open which was called by Yen Huang and Masanori Ishihara. The trio went to the flop and it came 986, and Zhou decided not to c-bet. It checked to Ishihara who led out for 3,600 which got Zhou out the way. Huang made the call.

The 3 turn saw Huang check again. Now the bet from Ishihara was 7,600, and once again Huang went nowhere. Then the 3 completed the board and all of a sudden Huang bet 10,500. Ishihara looked confused; what could Huang be representing here? A random three?

In the end Ishihara sniffed out what was clearly a bluff as he made the call. We never saw either of their hands though; Huang insta-mucked meaning Ishihara didn’t have to show his cards. Instead he just concentrated on stacking his newly-acquired chips. He’s up to around 140,000 and has one of the room’s biggest stacks, while Huang drops to 28,000. –JS

12:55pm: Another one goes Zheng’s way
Level 9 – Blinds 600/1,200 (100 ante)

Alvin Zheng has well and truly turned his bad start around after scooping another big pot.

He went to a flop of 10J6 with Kouichi Shibata and the two quickly found all the money in with Shibata at risk of elimination.

Zheng: 66
Shibata: QQ

Zheng had flopped bottom set against Shibata’s overpair and held through the A turn and A river. Shibata tapped the tabled and exited the tournament area while Zheng moved up to around 77,000 in chips. — BK

12:50pm: Out of turn and out the door
Level 9 – Blinds 600/1,200 (100 ante)

Masaya Nakagawa opened it up to 2,600 and didn’t seem to get much respect; four players called and they were Norihiro Otani, Satsuki Ochiai (button), Xiaoyi He (small blind) and Kwok Chun Yip (big blind).

All five saw the 284 flop fall and it checked around to Otani. He took a stab with a 4,500 bet, bringing the action Ochiai. However, He then acted out of turn and announced he was all-in, before quickly realising his mistake and dragging his chips back. “So sorry!” he told the dealer.

It didn’t matter much in the end as Ochiai would end up folding anyway, as did everyone else after He was all-in for 9,200 total. Otani made the call though and the cards were on their backs:

Otani: 99
He: Q2

He had just a pair of deuces and was looking to improve, but the 8 and 3 on the turn and river didn’t help him. He hit the rail and Otani moved up to a stack of 70,000. –JS

12:40pm: Zheng bounces back
Level 9 – Blinds 600/1,200 (100 ante)

We just reported how Alvin Zheng has had a rough start here today, losing more than half his stack in the early stages, but it looks like he’s turning it around after finding a double up.

The hand began with Team PokerStars Pro Chen An Lin raising to 2,800 from late position before Zheng moved all in for his last 16,900. It folded to Masanori Ishihara in the big blind and he came over the top with an all-in of his own. Lin quickly folded and the cards went on their backs.

Zheng: KK
Ishihara: JJ

Zheng was in front and had a stranglehold on the hand by the time the K47 flop arrived. Needing to fade only running jacks he had locked up the pot by the 7 turn before the inconsequential 9 river rolled off.

Zheng secured the double while Ishihara dropped to a still very healthy 122,000. — BK


Busy day so far for Alvin Zheng

12:25pm: Simply disgusting
Level 9 – Blinds 600/1,200 (100 ante)

If you’re eating right now I suggest you wait until you’ve finished before reading this hand. It’s pretty darn sick.

There was a 6107 flop showing and Yen Chang Huang led at it for 9,000. He started today with 29,900 and had already lost a few, so this was a significant part of his chips. His only opponent, Alvin Zheng, then moved all-in over the top. He had Huang covered.

Huang tanked but eventually made an emphatic call, slamming his stack in the middle. Unfortunately for him, though, it was the wrong decision. Zheng turned over the QQ and the overpair was way ahead of Huang’s top pair with the A10.

The dealer then burned and turned the Q, and that sealed Huang’s fate.

Or did it? Out of nowhere the 8 hit the river and Huang had hit a runner-runner flush. There were gasps all around, and plenty of declarations of “so sick”. Indeed it was.

Zheng has now dropped to 13,000, while lucky old Huang has shot up to 50,000. –JS

12:15pm: Goh’ing home
Level 9 – Blinds 600/1,200 (100 ante)

New Zealand’s Gabriel Goh was just sent packing after a bad beat from China’s Tong Zhou.

Goh kicked things off with a raise to 2,600 before Zhou moved all in from the small blind. The jam was met by a quick call from Goh and he saw he was in a good spot to win the pot.

Goh: QQ
Zhou: A9

Goh managed to fade danger through to the turn on the J36K runout but the A river signaled the end of his tournament.

“Yes!” cried Zhou as the ace arrived on the end.

The pair had similar stacks and Goh wasn’t sure if he had been eliminated. Zhou started the day with only 14,200 but it appears he had spun it up in the first few hands as the dealer cut down 57,000.

“57?” Goh confirmed with the dealer, “he has me covered then.”

Goh was up front his seat and headed for the exit as Zhou raked close to 100,000. — BK

12pm: Let’s get this show on the road!
Level 9 – Blinds 600/1,200 (100 ante)

Cards are in the air here on Day 2 as we begin to play to the bubble, which bursts at 18 players. –JS

11:45am: Welcome to Day 2

Good morning all! We’re back at the Paradise Walkerhill Casino, and in 15 minutes we’ll be joined by the 61 remaining players in this APPT10 Seoul main event.

It’s Day 2, which sees our Day 1A and 1B survivors merge for the first time. Our champion will be in the room today, but who will it be? Could Team PokerStars Pros Celina Lin and Bryan Huang make the final table together again like they did last year? Will our other Team Pro Chen An Lin make his first Seoul final table? Can the Aussie contingent (made up of talented pros including Michael Egan and Lim O’Rourke) make deep runs? You’ll have to wait and see.

The man leading the field right now is Chan Tsuh Ming. He’s bringing a huge stack of 169,800 into play today, after a late surge last night saw him shoot up the leaderboards. Here are the biggest stacks in the room today:

Last Name First Name Table Seat Country Chip Count PokerStars Status
1 Chan Tsun Ming 6 8 Hong Kong 169,800  
2 Paik Albert 7 6 USA 116,800  
3 Ishihara Masanori 4 2 Japan 114,000  
4 Nguyen Windsor 3 4 Canada 111,100  
5 Qian Shenghua 2 3 China 100,300  
6 Kim Andrew 3 6 USA 99,000  
7 Demicki Daniel 2 8 Poland 93,000 PokerStars Qualifier
8 O’rourke Liam 1 8 Australia 87,800 PokerStars Qualifier
9 Tsuji Yasuyuki 2 9 Japan 84,900  

Play starts shortly at 12pm local time. The bubble is sure to burst today with 18 players getting paid. You can check out the whole prize pool and payouts here, but know that all players are aiming for the first place prize of ₩119,097,600 ($101,399 US).


In terms of how long we’ll play for today, as of right now we really don’t know! Stay with us all day to follow the action. –JS

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PokerStars Blog reporting team in Seoul: Brad Kain and Jack Stanton. Photos by Kenneth Lim Photography.

The APPT Seoul festival at Paradise Walkerhill Casino runs until Monday, June 27th. Full details are available on the official APPT website page.

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