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Twitter has revolutionized the way we communicate on a day-to-day basis. Where there used to be a huge divide between celebrities and fans, now it’s easy as ever to get in touch with or follow the actions of someone you’re interested in.

The social media platform seems almost a perfect fit for the poker world. With the 140-character limit ideal for recounting hand histories or updating chip counts, many pros these days are using Twitter to keep their followers in the loop.

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Spot the Twitter users at PokerStars LIVE Macau
While the format isn’t as big in Asia, as more Westerners travel to Macau it seems the trend is continuing to grow. And speaking of trends, the recent Asia Championship of Poker saw the hashtag #2015ACOP trending on Twitter. It seems interactivity is at an all-time high between players and the community.

This week we’re aiming to get it happening again, this time with the hashtag – #APPTMacau. We’ve already seen hundreds of tweets with the hashtag this week. From players describing pivotal hands, fans and friends wishing people luck, to tournament directors and staff sharing tournament information, it’s clear that Twitter is playing a big role in the poker world.

Some of those players include the Team PokerStars contingent here in Macau. Bryan Huang @BryanHuang_ on Twitter has been very active this week, tweeting his chip counts and bust outs. He shared his thoughts before the festival began.

PokerStars teammate Celina Lin @Celina_Lin on Twitter has been doing the same to keep her followers posted on her progress. She let Twitter know after busting the HK$50k Freezeout last night.

Those are just two among the hundreds of tweets with the hashtag #APPTMacau over the past few days. Here at the PokerStarsBlog we’ll be trying to include a few of the best tweets at the end of each day. Get involved! Maybe you could see yourself in one of our articles this week.

So make sure to check out the hashtag #APPTMacau on Twitter, and keep your eyes on the APPT 9 Macau page for all the stories from on and off the felt.

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