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Heads up is set!

The crowd here is really livening up as the bar overlooking the final table is filling with observers all cheering on the final table players.

They only have two to sweat now though with the other two who were in contention finding the rail here.

FT - heads up.jpg

Weijie Ye and Yat Wai Cheng are ready for battle
Fourth place went to previous Red Dragon champion Zhenru Xie when a bad beat ended his tournament run. After limping in the small blind, Xie’s opponent Yat Wai Cheng raised enough to put the shortstack all in. Xie snapped it off and they tabled their cards.

Xie: AQ
Cheng: 64

Xie was in good shape to double through but the flop of 526 hurt his chances. The 6 turn was the nail in the coffin as Cheng made trips and locked up the hand. The 4 landed on the river to give Cheng an unnecessary full house and Xie shook the hands of the three remaining before leaving the tournament area. Xie collects HK$698,000 (US$90,024) for his fourth place finish.

FT - zhenru bust.jpg

Fourth place finisher Zhenru Xie
And it’s all over for our start of day shortstack Florencio Campomanes after Cheng continued his rampage in a recent hand. Cheng started it off with a button raise to 120,000 before big blind Campomanes moved all in for his last 800,000 and change. Cheng called and they flipped over their hands.

Cheng: 33
Campomanes: AK

It was a fair fight and with a board run out of 46210Q Cheng’s threes would hold to bring us into heads up play. Campomanes did well to run it up after an early double today but finds the exit two shy of the title for HK$926,000 (US$119,423).

FT - campo bust.jpg

Florencio Campomanes is shown the bad news
Now only two remain in this Main Event title race.

Cheng will start with a commanding chip lead after a host of eliminations. His opponent Weijie Ye trails with more than a 2:1 deficit.

Heads Up Chip Count
Yat Wai Cheng – 6,750,000
Weijie Ye – 3,115,000

A crowd is gathered around the table now as we continue the action and find out who becomes our APPT9 Macau Main Event champion. Who will it be? Stay tuned to the PokerStarsBlog to find out!

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