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Three more fall by the wayside.

USA online cash game phenom Dong Kim came up short of the APPT9 Seoul Main Event today, finishing in seventh place for KRW25,240,000 ($23,750).

After a raise from fellow countryman Jason Mo to 35,000, the action folded to Kim who moved all in for his remaining 256,000. Mo went into the tank, quipping that it was a close spot, but in the end he opted to call.

Mo: AJ
Kim: KQ

Kim was behind but live. The board of 52334 brought no help though and the substantial chip leader Mo claimed another casualty.

Known for his heads up online cash game expertise, Kim has yet to claim a big live score. While he missed out on a title here in Seoul this week, he still remains one of poker’s elite.


Dong Kim, who finished seventh on this Main Event final table

Next to go was Vladimir Demenkov. After managing to peddle his short-stack up a couple pay-jumps, Demenkov moved his last 68,000 in chips all in from the small blind when it folded around to him. Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang called off the four-big-blind stack and they tabled their cards.

Huang: 96
Demenkov: K8

Demenkov was in front and paired his eight on the 8Q7 flop. Huang picked up an open ended straight draw though, which he managed to complete on the turn 5. The irrelevant A peeled off on the river and Demenkov was knocked out sixth for KRW3,155,000 ($28,843)

The Russian only has one previous cash of $438 to his name, so his score here in Seoul is a great addition to his poker resume.


Sixth place finisher Vladimir Demenkov

Another player was just eliminated from the final table moments ago, Canadian Tyler Jennens. The hand started with Daniel Demicki raising from under the gun to 40,000 and Jennens next to act moved all in. Chip leader Jason Mo thought for a moment before moving all in over the top and the rest of the table folded.

Mo: QQ
Jennens: AK

The coinflip went to Mo as the board J8932 saw his queens hold, and Jennens was sent to the cashier in fifth place to collect KRW39,760,000 ($36,349).

With his largest score before this week as $16,000 for a fourth place finish in a Legends of Poker event back in 2013, Jennens adds a nice prize to his $55,670 in previous live earnings.


Tyler Jennens, our fourth place finisher

So now we have only four in contention for APPT Season 9’s Main Event title. We’ll bring you all the action from the table so don’t go anywhere.

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