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The first seven figure pay day of the 2016 Aussie Millions has been won on Saturday with Fabian Quoss defeating a star-studded field to win Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge and top prize of AU$1,446,480.

With the Aussie Millions Main Event enjoying a rest day before the final table on Sunday, the attention of the Crown Poker Room was firmly focussed on the final table of the $100,000 Challenge. An event which started earlier in the week with 41 entrants (30 unique and 11 re-entries) was down to the final six players with Ben Tollerene, Fabian Quoss, Jason Mercier, Connor Drinan, Sam Greenwood and Fedor Holz forming a superb final table line up.


High stakes online crusher Ben Tollerene was the chip leader while German Fedor Holz was the short stack entering the day. Despite dressing in a dapper suit and bow tie, Holz was unable to turn things around as he was first to go. Holz was all in with KQ but received no help against the pocket fours of Connor Drinan. Holz was in for three bullets in this tournament, which mean that his AU$281,260 prize resulted in a small loss for him on his investment.

2016 aussie millions 100k fedor holz.jpg

Drinan was responsible for the next elimination as well when Sam Greenwood three-bet all in with A2. Drinan was priced in with his Q9 and the board of J6349 caught a pair of nines for Drinan to eliminate Greenwood in fifth place.

Drinan was in the thick of the action, and after distributing some of his chips around the table, he found himself in a tricky spot against Fabian Quoss. Drinan check-called two streets before leading on the river holding Q9 on a board of 710J96 with his queen-high flush. Quoss moved all in on the river to put Drinan to a decision that required the use of both of his timebreaker buttons. As the clocked ticked down to the final seconds, Drinan finally flicked out a call but discovered the bad news when Quoss tabled A2 for the nut flush. Drinan collected AU$441,980 for fourth place.

Quoss continued to dominate and he was responsible for also ending the run of Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier. From the button, Mercier raised with A8 before Quoss three-bet with KQ. Mercier moved all in and Quoss made the call. The board fell Q33K2 and despite picking up a flush draw on the turn, the river bricked to leave Quoss’ two pair to take down the pot and eliminate Mercier in third place.

2016 aussie millions 100k jason mercier.jpg

Fabian Quoss would carry a handy chip advantage into heads-up play against Ben Tollerene and didn’t give the American any spots to breathe. Tollerene landed one double up with pocket queens, but Quoss continued to grind down his opponent with a series of small pots.

In the end Tollerene was forced to make a stand for his last five big blinds with J10 but found himself dominated by Quoss’ KJ. The board bricked out 64555 to eliminate Tollerene in second place and crown Quoss as the $100,000 Challenge champion!


After a fifth and a third place in the $250,000 Challenge at the Aussie Millions in 2013 and 2014, Quoss lands his first title “Down Under” and a top prize of AU$1,446,480 to boost his career prize money to almost US$8 million.

Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge Results
1st Fabian Quoss (Germany) – $1,446,480
2nd Ben Tollerene (United States) – $924,140
3rd Jason Mercier (United States) – $602,700
4th Connor Drinan (United States) – $441,980
5th Sam Greenwood (Canada) – $321,440
6th Fedor Holz (Germany) – $281,260

The final table action will continue on Sunday with the final table of the Aussie Millions Main Event kicking off at 12:30pm local time. We’ll have live updates from the final table in conjunction with the live stream at RunItUp.TV.

Click here for Main Event Final Table player profiles

We hope you’ll join us then!

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