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by Alison Lightman.

Gus Hansen is the new Aussie Millions 2007 champion. He has knocked out Pokerstars’ own Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke with pocket Aces, claiming the title and the $1.5 million dollar first prize.

Jimmy earns $1 million dollars for his absolutely superb performance in only his third major tournament, and he certainly made the feared Danish player, who counts four WPT titles among his string of multi-million dollar major tournament victories, work very hard for his money.
It happened at 9pm.

Jimmy limped on the button and Gus made it 350k more. Jimmy called and they saw the flop come down, Q 8 6 with two diamonds.
Gus led out for 400k, and Jimmy pushed all in, instantly getting a call.
Gus turned over (nearly) everyone’s favourite hand, AA, and the look of disappointment on young Jimmy’s face was heart-breaking. He turned over 7c 9c, giving him an up and down straight draw and a back door flush draw.
The crowd went beserk in the poker room, cheering as if the players could hear them all the way from the bar to the tv studio table.
The turn came the 2c, increasing Jimmy’s outs and prompting a wry smile as if he hardly dared to hope.
The river card was a spade, the 9, and it was over.
Still, there can’t been too many nineteen year old poker players with a story to rival Jimmy’s – engaging one of the world’s most feared poker legends in a two-hour heads up duel, and being busted to the rail by his opponent’s pocket Aces.
Another million chips have moved from Jimmy Fricke’s stack into Gus Hansen’s. Gus called the blind and Jimmy checked to see a flop, K 2 Q, rainbow. Jimmy checked and Gus bet 125k. Jimmy paid the extra and the turn was 9d. Jimmy bet 400k and Gus called to see the river, Ah. Jmmy checked again but called Gus’ bet of 1.1million. Gus showed J 10 for an Ace high straight, Jmmy mucked.
**update** 8.46pm
Jimmy Fricke has lost 800k to Gus Hansen. Jimmy raised 350k from the button pre flop and Gus called. The flop was A A 3, with two hearts. Gus checked and Jimmy bet 400k and Gus called. The turn was a third heart, the 10, and both players checked. The river was Kc and both players checked again, Gus showing 4h 2h for a flush. Gus has about twice Jimmy’s stack.
Jimmy Fricke has taken a 3 million dollar pot from Gus Hansen. Gus limped and Jimmy checked to see a flop which came 5 5 K. Jimmy led for 175k and Gus called. The turn was a 9 and Jimmy bet 400k. Gus called. The river was a 7, Jimmy led for 1 million chips and, after some deliberation, Gus called. Jimmy showed trip 5’s.

They’ve been all in again and the chip lead has returned to Gus Hansen. Jimmy limped and called Gus’ bet of 375k. The flop was 6 K J rainbow, and Gus led for 450k. Jimmy re-raised all in with a gutshot straight draw and Gus called with K 10 leaving Jimmy, with Q 9, three outs. The turn was a 5, and the river a 6, and Gus now has more than 10 million chips.
A moment of high drama in the heads up battle with young Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke doubling
up against the ferocious Dane Gus Hansen.
Gus bet 425k from the button and Jimmy called. Jimmy check-raised all in when the flop came 10 10 J, with two diamonds, and Gus called him.
The 19 year old’s composure didn’t slip even when he saw how far behind he was, as Gus flipped AK, to Jimmy’s KQ. Jimmy had plenty of outs when the 10 repeated on the turn. When the river card fell, a 9, giving Jimmy the straight, the crowd watching on the poker room monitors erupted. Jimmy is now firmly back in the driving seat with 10.5 million and Gus 4.4 million chips.

Jimmy Fricke has clawed back some of his chips from Gus Hansen. Gus made it 350k to go from the button and Jimmy called. The flop was A 7 rag, Jimmy checked and Gus fired 450k at the pot which JImmy instantly re-raised all in, forcing the Dane out of the hand.


Gus Hansen is consolidating his chip lead over Jimmy Fricke heads up. Jimmy has 4.8 million and Gus has 10.1million. Gus Hansen has taken another huge pot from Jimmy, with an all in re-raise over the top of Jimmy’s pre flop 1.5million bet forcing the youngster to put down his hand.

**update** 7.38pm
Gus Hansen finally has room to breathe after doubling up against Jimmy Fricke early in their heads up battle.
Gus raised re flop and was called by Jimmy. The flop came 7 A K. Jimmy checked and Gus bet 350k. Jimmy called. The turn was an 8 and when Jimmy checked again Gus moved all in for his last 3.1 million.
Jimmy called with K Q but found Gus holding A 2. The river was a 5.
Moments later Gus took another pot from Jimmy and has edged into the chip lead.

**update 7.30pm
The duel for the Aussie Millions 2007 title and $1.5 million dollar payday has engaged in earnest between Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke and the vastly more experienced Gus Hansen, who has struggled to make any headway against the softly spoken 19 year old from Mahomet, Illinois.
Jimmy is already a millionaire after busting Andy Black.
Gus is a huge underdog with a quarter of Jimmy’s stack. The chips are moving back and forth across the table with post-flop raises taking down the pot for both players. Second place takes $1 million dollar prize money.

Jimmy Fricke has busted Andy Black to the rail in third place of the Main Event, and we are heads up.
Jimmy led for 350k prompting Andy to push all in. Jimmy had AhQh and Andy showed KQo.
The was 3 7 7 9 10 and JImmy’s Ace high was all he needed.

After raking in Andy’s chips Jimmy Fricke has a huge lead over Gus Hansen.

Moments earlier Andy had doubled through Jimmy in a rare change of direction for the table chips.
Jimmy led from the button and Andy pushed for a total just more than a million chips. Jimmy who may have been priced into calling turned over 5 6o and Andy had K 10 suited. Jimmy flopped a 5 but Andy flopped the 10.

**update** 6.58pm
PokerStar’s new superstar Jimmy Fricke, who has nigh on eleven million chips and has been dictating the terms of poker to pro’s Gus Hansen and Andy Black all day long in the final table.

Among the crowd watching his sensational performance in the tv studio is Lee Nelson, the 2006 tournament champion, and fellow PokerStars player, who spoke very highly of young Jimmy.
“He’s pretty much the favourite with most of the chips” said Lee. “He’s made Gus and Andy play conservatively because they’re frightened of the re-raises he makes, he’s playing fearlessly.”
Official chip counts at the last break were Jimmy Fricke with 10.895 million, Gus Hansen with 2.84 million, and Andy Black with 1.21 million.

The blinds are hurting, 50k / 100k with 10k antes, so we can expect some all-in fireworks in this Level.



For the first time today it looked like final table short stacks Gus Hansen and Andy Black had a chance to double up – against each other. Gus made it 250k under the gun, and Andy raised all in. Gus called, and when they flipped he was in front with A 8 against’s Andy A 3. The board was 2 4 Q 4 and it looked like Andy’s Aussie Millions was about to end, when the river came a 10 for a chopped pot.

**update**6.14 pm
On the final table it looks increasingly like Gus Hansen and Andy Black are in a contest for second place, as Jimmy Fricke continues to eat them alive. He’s taking down pot after pot with pre flop raises and has more than two thirds of the 15 million chips in play. Andy Black made it 250k to go and was called by Gus Hansen, then Jimmy came over the top with a $1.5 million re-raise and forced them yet again to give their chips to him.

Youth continues to dominate age guile and cunning on the final table. Jimmy Fricke’s taken yet another family pot of 780k, being first bet to bet on a Queen high flop and getting no callers. Team Hansen is in overdrive; with Gus Hansen’s brother in law recording the complete hand histories and every bit of action. Information is power in poker. But then there’s Jimmy Fricke. No laptop, no notepad, just about 10 million in chips and absolute control of the Aussie Millions.


In the first ‘family’ pot of this level Gus and Jimmy called Andy’s raise with 780k in the middle. On a flop of A Q 7, Jimmy bet half a million chips and, took it down. The tournament commentator was moved to say” Jimmy’s chips are like boomerangs, every bet is coming straight back to him.”
Both WSOP 2005 Champion Joe Hachem and Aussie Millions 2006 Champion Lee ‘final table” Nelson are in the tv studio, watching fellow PokerStars player Jimmy in absolute control of his much older and more experienced table mates.

Jimmy “gobboyboy” Fricke is terrorising the poker Hall of Fame superstar Gus Hansen. He re-raised Gus’ 300k pre flop raise up to 1.1 million, forcing Gus to go away, again.
Seasoned pro and 2005 WSOP final tablist Andy Black is looking fairly grim on the final table with huge chip Jimmy and Gus ramping up the aggression in the 40k / 80k with 10k ante level.

Confirmed chip counts at the break were Jimmy Fricke, 8.115 million, Gus Hansen 4.5 million, Andy Black 2.3 million.


Jimmy Fricke’s dominance of the Aussie Millions Main Event continues with the 19 year old PokerStar’s player pushing Gus Hansen and Andy Black around the table, asserting control with a chip mountain that just gets bigger and bigger. Players have just taken a short break and we’ll update chip counts as soon as they are available.

Andy Black bet 220k pre flop getting a call from the teenager in the big blind. It was checked through to the river, the board was J 9 8 5 Q. Jimmy showed pocket deuces and Andy Black just smiled, before chucking his hand to the muck.

**update **4.32pm
Another million dollar pot has been shipped across the felt to Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke, the 19 year old PokerStars sensation, who is using his monster chip stack, 8 million, to push around Andy Black and Gus Hansen, who is currently the short stack with around 3 million chips.
Jimmy has successfully raised the last 4 hands in all positions, and is making the pro’s look defenceless against a nineteen year old who had his first cash finish only 7 months ago.

**update** 4.20
Jimmy Fricke now controls almost half the chips in play after taking down a 3.7 million dollar pot from Gus Hansen.
Jimmy made it 175k from the button and Gus pumped it back up another 500k from the big blind. Jimmy called. On a flop of 6 10 A, rainbow, Gus led out 800k and Jimmy re-raised to 1.6 million. Hansen was forced to put it down, visibly unhappy about it.

Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke is extending his lead over the three-handed Main Event final table and as of a couple of moments ago, had 6.5 million chips, with Gus Hansen and Andy Black pretty evenly stacked with 4 million and change.

Andy Black has busted out the only remaining Australian player, Julius Colman. The money was in pre-flop, with Andy holding QQ and Julius A6. First card out was the Ace Julius wanted, but cruelly it was followed by A Q, filling Andy up.


Jimmy Fricke has busted out Hans Martin Vogl, and added more than a million chips to his lead. Hans and Jimmy got the chips in pre flop and with Hans turning A9 and Jimmy KJ. The flop was 9 8 5, giving Hans the lead, but the turn was a Q giving Jimmy a straight draw. The river was a Jack and Jimmy’s pair was enough to send the German player to the rail. He collects $400 000, and there are four left, Jimmy steamrolling the table with 6.5 million of the 15 million chips in play.

Australian Julius Colman has dodged a bullet, all in against Gus Hansen. Julius pushed with Ah3h getting a call from the Dane who had K 10. When the flop came J 10 8 Hansen looked set to take his third scalp of the day, but then the turn came a 9 and the river a 7, and a miracle straight on the board kept Julian in the game.

At the first break for the final table Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke had the definitive chip lead with 5.72 million chips. Gus Hansen is second with 4.5 million chips. Next is Andy Black with 3.1, and Hans Martin Vogl has 955k. Australian Julius Colman, who had to serve a ten minute penalty for acting out of turn, twice, is the short stack with 570k.

19 year old Jimmy this morning with his friends, before commencing battle for the Aussie Millions title. Two from the right is Adam Junglen, a fellow PokerStars player who also finished in the Main Event money, winning $20 000. Adam and Jimmy are sharing a room at the Casino, as well as this incredible adventure Downunder and what one imagines to be endless hours of poker strategy discussions.

The poker room crowd watching Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke in action.

**update** 2.50pm

Gus Hansen has busted out another final table player, Marc Karam, and everyone has moved up a money spot.
He called Marc’s all in with A 9o, against Marc’s K Jo, and Gus hit a nine on the turn to eliminate the Canadian. Marc takes home winnings of $400 000. We are down to five.

**update** 2.40pm
Jimmy “gobboyboy Fricke has won a blinds confrontation with Andy Black and now has 5.6 million. Gus Hansen has 4.5 million, Julius Colman 1.8 million, Andy Black 1.6m Marc Karam 600k and Hans Martin Vogl 450k. The blinds go up next Level to to 20k/ 40k with a 5k ante.

**update** 2.23pm

Jimmy Fricke has taken down a monster pot by rivering fellow big stack Gus Hansen and is the chip leader again.
Gus made it 105k to go under the gun, and Jimmy called from the button. The flop was 3 4 8 rainbow, and Gus led for 140k. Jimmy called and the turn was Qd. Gus led for 330k and was called again. The river was an Ace. Gus bet out 770k, and Jimmy called the extra. Gus showed 2 3 for bottom pair and Jimmy showed that he’d caught the river, with A J. There was 2.5 million in that one pot.
While play is taking place around a tv studio table, railbirds are following the action on tv monitors on the poker room floor.

Gus and Jimmy Fricke have chopped a pot. The both had K8 and the board was K Q 4 6 7.

Kristy Gazes has been busted out by current chip leader Gus Hansen, leaving six still in the fight. The money was all in pre flop with Kristy holding Ah Qh, and Gus pp9’s and the race was on once again.
The board came J 8 5, turn a 2 and the river a 4, and with Kristy drawing only to an Ace or Queen, Gus’ pair held up.
Kristy wins $220 000.

Gus Hansen has moved into the chip lead in the opening round of play, taking down a pot from our Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke.
Jimmy bet 90k from middle position and Gus called from his small blind. The flop was 2 10 10, with two clubs. Gus checked and Jimmy bet 150k. Gus re-raised to 350k and Jimmy called. The turn was the King of clubs. Gus bet 465k and Jimmy folded his hand.

Moments later Jimmy doubled up short-stack Julius Colman. Gus raised from the cut off to 110k, and Julius pushed from the small blind. Jimmy, in the big blind, asked for a count and it was 725k total. He called, and Gus folded, and Jimmy saw he was in a race. He had pp’s 10 and Julius was holding AQ.

The flop came Q 8 3, all clubs, giving Julius more outs as he held the Ace. The turn was the Js, giving Jimmy a straight draw, but the river was the 6c and Jimmy lost another huge chunk. Julius has around 1.6 million in chips, Jimmy around 4 million.

Apologies for the late post, Blogger has been down for maintenance.

Battle is about to commence on the final table of the Aussie Millions Main Event, with our Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke chip leader. There are 7 remaining from the original field of 747 battling for the title of Aussie Millions Champion 2007 and $1.5 million dollars.
Jimmy is feeling confident, saying “I have one third of the chips, which is a pretty big lead. I feel I have the best chance to win it.”
He says he has a good read on the ferocious Dane, Gus Hansen, who has most of the other chips. “I know what he will be doing on the final table.”

Here are the seat positions and starting chip counts.

Seat 1. Hans Martin Vogl 455k
Seat 2. Gus Hansen 4.845 million
Seat 3. Marc Karam 535k
Seat 4. Julius Colman 785k
Seat 5. Jimmy Fricke 5.175 million
Seat 6. Andrew Black 2.1 million
Seat 7. Kristy Gazes 1.05 million

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