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by Jo Haslam

Played two, won two is bra boy84’s proud record. If this was a soccer league or a chess tournament there wouldn’t be a reason for a fuss, but beating 2,000 poker players twice in a row is different gravy, the bees knees… Insert your own expression of amazement. I’ll get on with telling you how it all came about.

The third tournament of the Twitter Poker League’s eight week season found 1918 players paying the modest $1.10 buy-in. Players try to win the tourney prize pool while gathering league points to claim a share of the $25,000 prizes added by PokerStars.

@PokerStars Twitter provides a live commentary on the game, and this week found two Twitter user volunteers to have bounties on their heads.

Anyone want a price on their head?

Talking a good game is part of the fun of the Twitter tourneys, and the bounty boys @Saiman40 and @JrMontana08 found plenty of time to type tweets between hands.

@JrMontana08: Straight on the board – I had a higher straight, value betting rulez. #tpoker

@JrMontana08: Wow pretty big mistake – A9 flop: K97 turn: x river: x folded on river to a small bet… showed Q7 #tpoker

You might think tweeting hand reports would be a distraction, but maybe it focuses the mind? Both players did well enough. Saiman40 was in the money, a respectable 217th.

@Saiman40: All in with Snowmen called by A6s they hit A on river… Guess my chanting “No Ace” was ineffective.

While JrMontana08 finished 12th place.

@JrMontana: K10 < 10 10 - out in 12th place

With bapeKAWs out in 10th our final table was set.

Final table chips

Seat 1: bad King007 (154303 in chips)
Seat 2: mymydu74 (192731 in chips)
Seat 3: p1kes (454495 in chips)
Seat 4: bra boy84 (454937 in chips)
Seat 5: alinSteveo (52800 in chips)
Seat 6: xxLECHOxx (230831 in chips)
Seat 7: 3detch (301384 in chips)
Seat 8: hosu1976 (820913 in chips)
Seat 9: VladCapone (214606 in chips)

Bra boy84 won the first hand of the final table, it felt like he was flexing his re-raise muscles, warming-up for the kind of aggressive play that won it for him last time.

alinSteveo only flexed his all-in muscles once. His 77 couldn’t beat mymydu74’s A 10 and he was out in 9th place. A few hands later Bad King007’s was all-in, he was called by hosu1976 who liked the 9810 flop. Bad King007’s had the straight and was glad of the action from hosu1976’s top pair.

We’d see all the jacks in the deck, and lose another player when VladCapone and mymydu74 tangled on a board of 7J4. VladCapones Jack with a nine kicker was way outclassed by mymydu74’s hand , JJ.

007 licensed to… finish 7th

Bad King007 had few chips to play with and stuck them all-in with K10. He ran into p1kes with AK and despite the cards giving him the hope of an outdraw straight, the best hand won and we lost Bad King007 in 007th.

This hand gave P1kes the chip lead, while mymydu74 and xxLECHOxx had less than 200,000 chips each and would be looking at the blinds and feeling uncomfortable.

xxLECHOxx was not having an easy time of it, he was tortured in hands where he saw flops and came out betting but had to fold to re-raises. He finally found joy when his Q Q took on 3detch’s AK and he won for a double-up.

Bra boy84 was quiet in the early stages of the final table, but became more involved as the game progressed. He forced a few folds to win big pots without showdowns. His Twitter fans were cheering him on.

DaBigBoss86: Wow! This is bra boy84’s second final table appearance?! How sick is that? He is running hotter than the sun … #tpoker

@Derichio04 #tpoker Impressive from bra boy to do a back to back FT! I know who I’m cheering for 🙂

World Cup style poker

Mymydu74 displayed a World Cup picture showing his support for Algeria. The World Cup has it’s drama – but nothing compared to a cruel hand of poker. If the hand that eliminated mymydu74 was a soccer game it would be a 3-2 comeback by an underdog team, with a key player sent-off and missing the final. Mymydu74 was all in with 5A and loved the 4A5 flop. 3detch with 88 was nowhere, until the 6 turn and 7 river gave him the straight. 3detch said, “wow” in the chat box, and on Twitter:

@3detch: realy amazing hand #tpoker .

Mymydu74 said nothing. He finished in 6th place and might watch TV football for a while – that has to be easier viewing than turn and river cards.

xxLECHOxx was eliminated in old-fashioned coin-flip style, his AK didn’t hit and hosu1976 showed a QQ to win his chips.

Good call

With 4 players left there was plenty of play and no one dominating. Chips were as follows:

p1kes (622732 in chips)
bra boy84 (660662 in chips)
3detch (827809 in chips)
hosu1976 (765797 in chips)

Bra boy84 had had a tougher ride than last week, but seemed to take his foot off the pedal with the game four handed. He got caught without a hand, re-raising 3detch on the river with the board showing, KK764. A good call by 3detch, his 6A beating bra boy84’s A5.

Soon after 3detch was in big trouble, losing most of his chips on the innocuous looking flop of 746. 3detch had called hosu1976’s all-in with JJ only for hosu1976 to show him 44. The hand left 3detch in big trouble with 29,453 chips and 7000/14000 blinds to pay.

From Russia With Love

3detch pushed with 33 but bra boy84 called with 4A and hit a full house. A good fight from 3detch but he was out in 4th place tweeting:

@3detch: gl, hf all. From Russia With Love #tpoker.

There followed a spell of poker with few confrontations, bra boy84 and p1kes were steady at around a million chips, hosu1976 on half a million. Hosu1976 founds kings and doubled up against p1kes JA to make it p1kes the half-millionaire to the other’s million stacks.

Still no hands reaching exciting showdowns, but bra boy84 crept up to 1,200,000. I look again and it’s 1,300,000, then 1,500,000…

Hosu1976 pushed all-in pre-flop with A8 and p1kes called with 1010. Hosu1976 hit two pair to double up, and this left the p1kes fishing for a hand.

P1kes went all-in with 77 but ran into bra boy84 with AA, no lucky card to save P1kes and he was out in 3rd place.

Heads-up chips were as follows:

bra boy84 (1941380 in chips)
hosu1976 (935620 in chips)

We three Kings

A key hand early in the heads-up saw hosu1976 call bra boy84 every step of the way, only to muck on the river when bra boy84 showed K10 on a K3K24 board.

The tournament seemed to be going bra boy84’s way, the Portuguese player pressurising his short-stacked rival many times. Then hosu1976 made a stand, going all-in with 22 but found bra boy84 calling with 7A. Bra boy hit the seven on a 5 745Q board to claim his second Twitter Poker League victory in as many weeks.

Congratulations to bra boy74 for remarkable back-to-back wins. The full Twitter Poker League leaderboard can be found on the league website and here are the top ten league players:

Twitter Poker League Leaderboard – Week 3 (06-20-10)

Player ID Country # Tourns Played Score
bra boy84 – 40
thop5574 – 23
Danilo1012 – 22
3detch – 21
Sashhh27 – 21
Germán dj – 20
McNamara2011 – 19
TRex160466 – 19
FHMack BR – 18
hosu1976 RO – 18

And the final word from Twitter?

@RutgersKev: Amazed at bra boy84. Pretty sick. #tpoker #gameofskill

Plenty more #tpoker games if you want to join in, details on the Twitter Poker League website.

Bra boy84 can’t win them all.

Can he?


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