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Flick through the poker history book and you’ll find some incredible stories.

Nikola Damcevski may have written a new one.

Last weekend proved to be an eventful Saturday afternoon for the Frenchman. It went something like this.

Damcevski opened a PokerStars account at 1:01pm.

Admin done, he made his first deposit three hours later at precisely 4:01pm.

Then, without really knowing what it meant, he clicked on something that said: “EPT Monte Carlo’ Spin & Go (buy-in: €12.50)”

14 minutes later Damcevski was on his way to Monaco.

“I didn’t really know what the EPT package was,” admitted Damcevski. “But when I won it, I started looking for more info about it.”

Nikola Damcevski intends to find out just how far he can ride this beginner’s luck

After a bit of googling, Damcevski found the info he was looking for.

He’d won a package worth €8,500 and was on his way to one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world – in one of the most glamourous locations in the world.

Not bad for a recreational player of three hours 14 minutes, who in his own words just wanted to play some online poker.

“I’m a recreational player, said Damcevski. “One of my friends advised me to go to PokerStars, so I did. Then I tried the Spin & Go format and I won. This is beginner’s luck with no doubt.”

Beginners’ luck may be, but you’d be a fool not to see how far that luck could take you.

I will obviously try to enjoy the experience to the maximum and why not make a good performance,” he said. “With a little luck everything is possible.

And he would know.

Keep track of Damcevski’s performance in Monaco when live coverage of the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event begins this Saturday.

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