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Benjamin Pollak overcame Koray Aldemir heads-up on the final night of EPT Monte Carlo, walking away with the €705,840 top prize in the €25,000 High Roller, his second major title in the past year.

It was a long haul to the championship. Sergio Aido came into the final day of the tournament with the lead, looking to score a Monte Carlo double when the day began at 12:30 p.m. CET with the stacks situated like so:

Seat Name Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Michael Addamo Australia 595,000 30
2 Koray Aldemir Germany 585,000 29
3 Laszlo Bujtas Hungary 1,075,000 54
4 Joao Vieira Portugal 255,000 13
5 Sergio Aido Spain 1,095,000 55
6 Benjamin Pollak France 585,000 29
7 Laurynas Levinskas Lithuania 965,000 48
8 Marton Czuczor Hungary 900,000 45
9 Daniel Dvoress Canada 1,015,000 51

The final table of the €25,000 EPT High Roller, with the Main Event final in the background

Two players found their way to the rail during the first level.

Joao Vieira began the day with just 10 big blinds in his stack and made an early move when he picked up A4. Unfortunately for him Aido woke up with AJ, which held to eliminate Vieira in ninth place.

Daniel Dvoress watches his tournament life slip away

The second elimination was more surprising. Daniel Dvoress sat just three big blinds off the lead when play began, but a rough ride meant he only lasted long enough for a single pay jump.

First Dvoress lost a race with AK against Michael Addamo’s 1010 to double Addamo’s stack over 1.3 million. Left with just 10 blinds, Dvoress then jammed with 98 and picked up a call from Laszlo Bujtas. The latter’s JJ was behind after the turn of the 71076 board gave Dvoress a ten-high straight, but the J river gave him a full house and knocked Dvoress out in eighth.

The brisk start to the day’s action was no harbinger of things to come. The short stacks doubled as needed for the next three hours, making it look more and more likely that a cooler or a coin-flip situation would strike the next name from the lineup. It turned out to be the latter when EPT Prague Main Event finalist Laurynas Levinskas’s AK couldn’t outrun Koray Aldemir’s JJ, sending the Lithuanian to collect his payout in seventh.

Eliminating Levinskas boosted Aldemir’s standing before he took the lead minutes later with a triple-barrel bet that drove Marton Czuczor out of the pot. Then Laszlo Bujtas struck the next knockout blow in nasty fashion. He open-shoved an effective 14-blind stack from the small blind with Q9 only to see Aido call him with AA in the big — and then he caught a queen and a nine on the flop, cracking Aido’s aces to eliminate him in sixth.

That put Aldemir over the 2-million-chip mark for the second time today. Pollak joined him there minutes later when he called an Addamo jam, holding A10 to Addamo’s A6. Addamo never got a hint of help from the board and departed in fifth.

Aldemir quickly jumped back in front, though, with a huge call on the river of a dangerous board. Holding A7 and facing an all-in bet from Bujtas, who had him covered, Aldemir used a time bank card, studied the AQK38 board carefully, and then slid a shot tower of chips forward for the call. His pair of aces was good — Bujtas had bombed the river with nothing more than an unimproved 102.

Aldemir stacked up over 4 million with that win. And though Bujtas managed to work his remaining two big blinds into nine, he would fall in fourth minutes later when his AK failed to hold against Czuczor’s K10.

With the table three-handed, the players decided to take a dinner break. Once they returned it only took 15 minutes for an action board to end Czuczor’s tournament. Czuczor saw a free flop from the big blind with K7 after Aldemir limped the button. Czuczor check-called 80,000 on the QJ7 flop and 350,000 after making two pair on the K turn. When Aldemir shoved the Q river Czuczor thought for a bit before calling, only to see that his kings and sevens were no good. Aldemir’s QJ rivered a full house, knocking Czuczor out in third.

Heads-up for the title

Aldemir held the advantage with 4.525 million chips to Pollak’s 2.575 million as heads-up play began on the 40,000/80,000 level. He nearly put Pollak away within just a few minutes, calling with A8 for top pair when the Frenchman jammed with 104 on the turn of a board reading A7K2. But Pollak’s flush draw came home on the Q river, moving the two players’ stacks to within six blinds of one another.

Aldemir began pulling away again but found himself in a nasty spot half an hour later when he ran JJ into Pollak’s AA. That boosted Pollak into the lead with 5.15 million chips but the game was far from over. Over the next hour Aldemir chipped up until he was even with Pollak again. At that point they talked about a potential deal but didn’t settle on anything concrete. One more hour passed before they found themselves essentially even in chips and agreed on a chop down the middle, leaving €50,000 and the trophy on the table for the winner.

Even with the deal in place, play would continue for nearly another hour. Pollak finally began to wear Aldemir down, though the latter survived a desperate all-in with QJ, making a straight against Pollak’s KQ to prolong the match. Finally Aldemir moved in with K10 on a king-high board and Pollak called with 99. He needed help and he got it with the 9 on the river, making a set to close out the tournament.

“You’re a tough one to play against,” Pollak said to Aldemir shortly after his victory. “You gave me a headache for two hours.” This marks Pollak’s second major high roller title in the last year, following up on his EPT Barcelona €50K Single-Day High Roller win in August 2018.

Congratulations to both Pollak and Aldemir for overcoming some of the toughest poker players in the world and sharing in a massive deal at the end of another successful EPT Monte Carlo festival.

“You’re a tough one to play against,” Pollak said to Aldemir

Place Name Country Prize
1st Benjamin Pollak France €705,840*
2nd Koray Aldemir Germany €655,840*
3rd Marton Czuczor Hungary €364,460
4th Laszlo Bujtas Hungary €300,340
5th Michael Addamo Australia €241,290
6th Sergio Aido Spain €188,980
7th Laurynas Levinskas Lithuania €141,730
8th Daniel Dvoress Canada €104,610
9th Joao Vieira Portugal €80,990

* denotes results of a heads-up deal

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