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The sixth season of the Estrellas Poker Tour is nearly upon us, with March 9 set as the date when the Casino Gran Madrid will open its doors on another year of the Tour, one that simply won’t accept that it’s a regional one.

If last season was anything to go by the Estrellas doesn’t play by the rules. It attracts players not just from Spain, but from across Europe and beyond. It’s a kind of self-fulfilling thing – the prize pools get so big that players are unable to resist, and fly in from all over the place to play. That boosts the prize pools even more. Just take a look at the Main Event in Barcelona last August, with more than 2,500 players, for what proof you might need. It now stands as the biggest freezeout tournament PokerStars has ever held.


All the more reason to start your Estrellas campaign early, by winning your way to the Spanish capital in an online satellite which are now underway on PokerStars.

It’s the first opportunity of many chances to qualify during the tour’s sixth season, with packages to win for each Main Events. It means you can get to Madrid in March, Marbella in June, and Barcelona in August, for as little as a few dollars, or even just a handful of Frequent Player Points.

What’s more the Estrellas Poker Tour offers a few off the field bonuses. Madrid and Barcelona rank among the most beautiful cities in Europe, with character, culture and charm to sooth even the worst bad beat. And Marbella? That place will turn the dial up on your summer both on and off the felt.

This year there’s also the opportunity to qualify live for each ESPT Main Event, with the ESPT and Casino Valencia joining forces to offer live satellites.

With so much action scheduled the ESPT has teamed up with the Global Poker index to reward the season’s very best players. Last year the PoY contest went down to the wire. This year there will be two tiers of Player of the Year: the Silver tier will award points for all events with a buy-in of $600 and lower, while the Gold tier will count all events across the EPT Festivals, regardless of the buy-in. It means every player, regardless of stakes, can take a shot at Player of the Year glory.


The Estrellas Main Event field in Barcelona

It all starts on March 9, 2015. Find all the details for this season on the Estrellas Poker Tour website.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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